Terminator 6 Starts Filming In March 2018

Producer James Cameron's Terminator 6 will reportedly begin filming in March 2018. The Terminator franchise has been on a roller coaster since Cameron left the series after the blockbuster Terminator sequel T2: Judgment Day, which hauled in more than $520.8 million ($215 million domestically, $315 million overseas) in its initial theatrical run and re-releases. While Terminator 3 had a respectable global take of $433.3 million, the franchise took a downturn with 2009's Terminator Salvation ($371.3 million worldwide) and hit the wall at the domestic box office with a tepid $89.7 million in ticket sales for Terminator: Genisys in 2015.

Given the clear demand for more Terminator tales overseas after the $350 million take at the foreign box office for Genisys, Cameron saw the potential to get involved with the franchise again as the rights to the series revert back to him - and earlier this year, announced that he was producing a new Terminator film with Deadpool director Tim Miller at the helm. To top it off, Cameron not only confirmed his longtime friend and collaborator Arnold Schwarzenegger's return in the titular role, he managed to secure Terminator and T2 star Linda Hamilton to return as Sarah Connor in the sequel; one that will ignore the new timeline that began with Terminator 3 (which alluded to her character's demise).

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With all of the principal pieces of the puzzle back in place, a start date for the filming of the next Terminator film (currently known as Terminator 6) has been revealed. According to the movie production information site My Entertainment World (via Omega Underground), Terminator 6 is set to start filming in late March in such locations as Budapest, Hungary, and Spain. The site did not reveal any other new production details, other than Sonja Klaus (Prometheus) will be doing the film's production design.

Given Cameron's involvement and the unique energy and visual flair that Miller brought to Deadpool, Terminator 6 certainly has the makings of a great movie. While Schwarzenegger's return was always all but a given (he's always promised "I'll be back" - he is the Terminator, after all), Hamilton's involvement gives the franchise the shot of adrenaline that it so desperately needs.

Fans will find out for sure if all the hype is worth it come Summer 2019, when Terminator 6 is released. Not only will it signal a new day for the Terminator franchise, but depending on its success, may lead to at least two more films after that since Cameron says he's developing a new trilogy. As evidenced by his ambitious plans for his four Avatar sequels, when Cameron comes back, he comes back big.

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Source: My Entertainment World (via Omega Underground)

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