Terminator 6 Casts Diego Boneta in Key Role

Scream Queens star Diego Boneta is set to play a key role in Terminator 6. James Cameron finally has full control over his beloved sci-fi franchise, and is working closely with Tim Miller on a reboot. The former Deadpool director is retconning the mistakes made with the Terminator franchise though, as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton will appear. The movie will serve as a long-awaited sequel to T2, but also relaunch the IP with new characters ready to fight the war against the machines.

So far, Blade Runner 2049's Mackenzie Davis is the biggest get for the reboot. Her character has been described as a soldier/assassin from the future and is set to play a major role, but not the leading role. Theories have begun that she's a new Terminator who will fight with the new human characters, which reportedly includes a young Latina as the lead.

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Even though that role has yet to be filled, THR reports that Scream Queens star Diego Boneta has landed a key human role in the new Terminator. Boneta previously starred in Rock of Ages with Tom Cruise, and is part of the cast of Netflix's recently launched The Titan with Sam Worthington - who, as it so happens, has his own Terminator connection thanks to his role in Terminator Salvation.

What makes Boneta's casting especially interesting are the previous reports stating that Terminator 6 centers around a young woman. With Boneta being the second cast addition, he's clearly going to be a big part of the new movie. It's too early to tell exactly what the longterm plan is for Boneta's Terminator character of course, but there's a reasonable chance that he's somehow connected directly to the movie's as-yet upcast young female lead.

Since the film's young Latina protagonist is said to be around 18 years old, it's plausible that Boneta is playing her older brother. It wouldn't be unlike Terminator to dive into family dynamics either, so having Boneta be the guardian of the franchise's new face would fit. It'd further make sense why THR's report states he has a key human role in the movie. That said: if the Latina lead is the focus and Boneta is some sort of protector for her, then their relationship will hopefully be a far cry from those between the Connors in the previous Terminator movies.

Considering that Terminator 6 (official titled TBA) was just pushed back four months, it's possible that we won't get much (if any) clarity on the rest of the film's cast and their roles for awhile longer now. We will bring you more details on that front as they become available.

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Source: THR

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