Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer Reveals Twist On Classic Line

Paramount Pictures has released a new trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate, putting a new spin on the famous line, "Come with me if you want to live."

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton are ready in Termintator: Dark Fate

Paramount has released a new Terminator: Dark Fate trailer, featuring a new spin on an iconic franchise line. Releasing next month, the latest film in the Terminator franchise is a direct sequel to 1991's Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Although it's not getting a ton of online discussion, and is projected for a soft box office openingTerminator: Dark Fate is being anticipated by some as potentially bringing the franchise back to critical acclaim. The Terminator franchise was once a household name, but has not seen success with its last few movies. Terminator Salvation tried something new by taking place completely in the future, but failed to win over fans and critics. The most recent film, Genisys, fared even worst critically. The director of Terminator: Dark Fate, Tim Miller, concurs with many fans that the films post-Judgement Day were not as good. The first trailer for the upcoming film released back in May, setting the tone with its somber atmosphere, and highlighting the return of Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor. In the latest trailer, another character is given central focus.

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Terminator: Dark Fate has received a new, partly Spanish trailer from Paramount. Whereas the previous trailers highlighted Mackenzie Davis's Grace and Linda Hamilton, this time Natalia Reyes's character is given the spotlight. Check it out below.

Natalia Reyes's character, Dani, plays a key role in the story. As all of the trailers have shown, apparently her dying means severe consequences, which is a plot point Terminator fans will be familiar with. In the new trailer, viewers see how Dani and Grace meet. The movie puts a twist on the classic "Come with me if you want to live" line in this sequence, where Grace says, "Come with me or you're dead in the next 30 seconds." One interesting piece of dialogue is at the end when Sara Connor tells Gabriel Luna's character, "Because we're not machines," despite standing next to the original Terminator. This could mean she no loner wishes to kill Schwarzenegger's character, despite a line in another trailer. Either way, the new trailer features old footage, but plenty of new scenes worth analyzing.

It's still too early to tell how well Terminator: Dark Fate will do. So far, at least critically, everything is pointing to the film being a bigger hit than the last three films. Producer James Cameron said the filmmakers wanted to avoid the pitfalls of the previous three movies. Based on the trailers released, the film appears to retain the fast-paced atmosphere of Judgement Day. Whether or not that ends up being the case remains to be seen.

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