Terminator 6 Lines Up Mackenzie Davis to Play a Soldier-Assassin

Mackenzie Davis

Tully and Blade Runner 2049 actress Mackenzie Davis is in talks to join the cast of Terminator 6. Tim Miller directs the sixth Terminator installment, a direct sequel to Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Plot specifics remain under wraps but James Cameron says the movie will ignore all the sequels he himself did not guide. So, everything from Terminator 3 on no longer counts.

Released in 1984, The Terminator launched the career of James Cameron as a major Hollywood player. The sci-fi film also boosted Arnold Schwarzenegger, who later became one of the biggest action stars of all-time. Schwarzenegger returned for the 1991 sequel, but it was Linda Hamilton's performance as Sarah Connor that arguably raised the film to iconic status. Hamilton's Connor, at first a victim but later a warrior, helped establish the template for female action heroes to come. Attempts to resurrect the character via future films, plus the TV series Sarah Connor Chronicles, never quite came off. Perhaps that's why James Cameron talked Hamilton into returning to appear in Terminator 6 alongside Schwarzenegger.

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As reported by THR, Terminator 6 is now negotiating with Davis to join Hamilton and Schwarzenegger. Davis reportedly would play a solder-assassin on a mission who in some way sets up the action. It remains unclear how prominent Davis' role would be or if her character would continue into future films. Previous reports indicated Terminator 6 will be led by a new young protagonist named Dani Ramos, and that the studio wants a Latina actress to take on the role. With the film set in Mexico, a Latino actor would also reportedly play the new Terminator.

Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) Smokes Cigarette Gun Desert Terminator 2

In true reboot style, Terminator 6 would set up the new characters while giving Schwarzenegger and Hamilton a chance to bow out. It sounds as though the uncast Dani character would be the new Sarah Connor, the future face of the franchise. Davis' character, meanwhile, sounds like a gender-swapped version of the Michael Biehn character from the original Terminator. In that film, Biehn time-travels back from a war-ravaged future to prevent Schwarzenegger's cyborg assassin from killing Hamilton's Connor, who is destined to give birth to humanity's savior. Terminator 6 then sounds like possibly a beat-for-beat remake of Terminator, much in the style of other recent soft reboots.

With her impending casting in Terminator 6, Davis continues her rise up the ranks of young Hollywood actresses. Davis made her first major impact playing Cameron on AMC's critically lauded series Halt and Catch Fire. Last year, Davis impressed as Replicant prostitute Mariette in Blade Runner 2049. She's currently receiving strong notices for her performance as the title character of Jason Reitman's Tully, starring Charlize Theron as a harried mom. Davis will also star with Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard in the horror film The Turning.

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Source: THR

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