Terminator 6 Recruits Captain Phillips Writer, New Details Revealed

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The next Terminator film is edging a little bit nearer to being back on the screens, as it's just been announced that a new writer is working on the script for Terminator 6. Alongside that piece of news, some interesting details concerning new characters in the movie have just emerged, and a possible new central location for the time-travelling action movie.

It was in May of this year when the first confirmation of a new James Cameron-produced Terminator film was announced, and that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be returning again as the T-800. This was swiftly followed by the news that Linda Hamilton would also be reprising her iconic role as the heroic Sarah Connor, and that Tim Miller would be directing. Unlike the two previous attempts to reboot or retcon the franchise - namely Genisys and Salvation - this new film will be a straight sequel to T2: Judgement Day and pretty much ignore every other entry that followed. Cameron even went as far to announce that parts 3-5 were in an alternate timeline.

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With the film still due to be released in Summer 2019, it's just been announced by Variety that a new writer has joined the team to polish the latest draft of the script. Personally chosen by Cameron and Miller, Billy Ray (Captain Phillips) is now working on providing a final version of the screenplay, which is based on a story crafted by Cameron, Miller, and Skydance founder David Ellison. Given Ray's past work, hopefully this will turn into a story that is worthy of continuing the cult appeal of the first two films and provide a worthy follow-up.

In addition to that announcement, Jeff Sneider - from The Tracking Board - has also shared information on Twitter concerning some of the existing plot specifics. Reportedly, at least a portion of the story may be set in Mexico City, and casting is ongoing for an "18-year-old Mexican actress" to play the young female lead, called Dani Ramos. A Latin actor is also said to be sought to play a new villain, who will need to have a fight/stunt background due to the physicality of the role. This very much sounds like it could be a next-gen version of Sarah Connor and a T-800/T-1000. The new location quoted is also very intriguing and possibly points to a new direction for the action set-pieces.

With the previous two films having failed to kick-start the franchise to any great extent, the addition of Ray and the casting/location updates all point to some sturdy work going on behind the scenes. With the film still expected to go in front of cameras during March 2018, maybe this time the franchise will be back for good. We'll bring you more updates on Terminator 6 as we get them.

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Source: Variety, Jeff Sneider

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