Will 'Terminator 5' Be A Semi-Reboot? [Updated]

Terminator 5 with Arnold Schwarzenegger

[UPDATE: Justin Lin has dismissed this as just rumor. For more on that, click HERE.]

"I'll be back" jokes spread like wildfire throughout the movie blogosphere when word got out that Arnold Schwarzenegger is officially attached to star in Terminator 5. If current insider information is to be believed (always a tricky proposition), then the ex-California governor won't be the only familiar face returning for the fifth entry in the Terminator franchise.

A reportedly legit source is saying the "entire original cast" is attached to the Terminator 5 pitch that is currently making the rounds. Given the nature of the Terminator mythology, that begs the question: Is this new entry being fashioned as a partial reboot of the franchise?

Latino Review says that Terminator 5 is tentatively titled Terminator 2012 and "involves time travel to the present day." The implication is that the film will feature an older version of Sarah Connor who is still alive in the year 2012 - a move that would literally invalidate the events of both Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Terminator: Salvation, as well as the even more convoluted timeline for The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Linda Hamilton would be the most likely "original cast" member to return for the fifth Terminator flick as Sarah Connor - and Edward Furlong could also be in line to appear as an older John Connor, even though he isn't technically an "original" Terminator star.

Assuming this report is true, however, it's probably safe to say that Michael Biehn isn't attached to reprise his role as Kyle Reese in Terminator 5 - if only because that seems too far a stretch, even for a series as enamored with time-travel paradoxes as the Terminator franchise ("seems" is the key word there).

Terminator 5 with Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Reboot" has become an almost dirty word in the movie business nowadays, but that is exactly what the next Terminator film is poised to do to the franchise (assuming the aforementioned report is true). It wouldn't be a complete reboot in the vein of upcoming comic book flicks like The Amazing Spider-Man or Man of Steel, but - as Latino Review was apt to point it - Terminator 5 could use time-travel to reboot the series in a fashion similar to J.J. Abrams' Star Trek.

Therein lies a problem, though: the use of time travel in the last Star Trek movie effectively wiped the slate clean (by freeing up events in future installments from having to occur in a pre-destined manner), and managed to avoid any significant gaping plot holes in the process. Frankly, I struggle to see how Terminator 5 could do the same, especially since the timeline for the franchise is already confusing enough.

But the bigger issue I have with Terminator 5 right now is whether or not it's actually a good idea in the first place. I've heard from a number of fans who are already pumped to see Schwarzenegger back in action in a new Terminator movie - and a significant number of people who'd rather just leave the franchise to rest in peace. So it really does depend on who you ask.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 5

Even if Terminator 5 with Schwarzenegger ultimately does fail to come to fruition, the former action star will still keep plenty busy in the future. He's selected Cry Macho as his return to live-action fare and is actively developing the Governator cartoon series/comic book/3D movie. So Arnold fans, rejoice! The man is definitely back (for better or for worse).

As for Terminator 5 - what do you think? Does a semi-reboot sounds like a good idea? A bad idea? Do you even want to see this franchise continue?

Source: Latino Review

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