Terminator 5 May Go To London… If It Goes Anywhere

Two days ago, Screen Rant reported on one of the newest TV Spots for Terminator Salvation. That commercial showed off the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s face appeared in the movie in a short scene as the T-800 killing machine.

Why is that significant?

Well, my thoughts were that the folks behind the movie were getting desperate to have people come see the movie in theaters now that it has been out for several weeks in North America and had not lived up even close to where they expected it to be in terms of box office numbers. What does that mean for its potential sequel?

The film had received mostly negative reviews from critics everywhere, the worst out of the franchise. Its opening weekend was weak, coming second to the Night at the Museum sequel and not even coming close to other May openers such as Star Trek, Wolverine and Pixar’s Up. Since then, it dropped off significantly and it continues to do so with big movies opening weekly during the busy summer season. This is especially bad since they went for the PG-13 rating on the film to open it up to the younger movie-going audiences.

With poor reception and poor numbers, the $200 million production budget no longer seems like a good investment. Worse, the franchise is no longer as strong as once thought. Is it the brand name that’s not selling as much? Or could it be that Terminator needs the Governator as the lead?

McG’s Terminator Salvation was supposed to be one of the biggest movies of the year and more than that, it was supposed to be the start of a whole new trilogy of films. Leading up to the release of this fourth installment, there was plenty of talk of ideas for the sequel to Salvation, including having Robert Patrick back for a role in it and everything looked great.

Now, not so much. Will there even be a sequel to Salvation? If there is, will the same creative team be there to make it? Will they pay Christian Bale a ton of money to do it and will McG again direct?

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