The Terminator franchise has been dormant since 2009, but that will change in a big way in 2015.

Terminator Salvation was intended to kickoff a new film trilogy set in the aftermath of Judgement Day (the date when A.I. Skynet gained self-awareness and declared war on humanity), but director McG’s installment – certainly not a total bomb with a $371 million worldwide take on a $200 million budget – just didn’t get enough love from the fanbase for distributor Warner Bros. to justify continuing that movie thread, four years ago.

Annapurna Pictures (American Hustle, Her) currently owns the Terminator rights and intends to reboot the series on the big screen – with Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising his iconic role and Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) directing – in addition to launching a new television series, which shall have direct ties with the cinematic reboot in the hope of avoiding introducing continuity discrepancies (something that happened with the Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show that aired from 2008-09 and the previous Terminator movies).

Taylor’s reboot may have an official title, going by this Production Weekly Tweet:

Previously known as either Terminator 5 or Terminator (2015), the Terminator reboot now looks to embrace the fashionable subtitle option, which has gained in popularity of late with superhero movies; even Spider-Man is beginning to join the cause, with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 confirmed to be subtitled Rise of Electro overseas. Indeed, this is also a tool that studios have started to rely upon more and more in the modern age of franchise-bulding, even with first installments in new prospective blockbuster lines (see: the G.I. Joe and Pirates of the Caribbean movies).

terminator 2015 release date Terminator 5 Official Title Revealed?

Mind you, Production Weekly isn’t known for rumor-mongering – and has no reason to start now – so, at the very least, Terminator: Genesis is the movie’s working title (which could evolve into the official title down the line). Does it offer any clues about what to expect from the project, then?

Well, unfortunately, not much beyond what’s already been revealed. The Genesis subtitle alludes to the previously-established fact that the fifth Terminator movie will mark the first chapter in a standalone trilogy; a key detail in the explanation for why the 66-year old Schwarzenegger reprising as a humanoid killing machine doesn’t have to raise questions about whether or not the Terminator’s human exterior ages. Similarly, Genesis doesn’t rule out the rumored storyline, where Arnold’s Terminator gets sent back from a post-Judgement Day world to the 20th century, in order to guard young Sarah Connor – a role that Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) and Brie Larson (Short Term 12) are tipped to take – and protect her from other meddling robot time-travelers.

That proposed narrative hasn’t gotten too many fans excited for this installment, but it would be fitting for a reboot – and if Taylor emulates Christopher Nolan’s approach to re-envisioning Batman for the 21st century (like he’s said he intends to), then I’m okay with it. How about you, fellow Screen Ranters – yay or nay?

Terminator 5/Terminator: Genesis will open in theaters on July 1st, 2015.

Source: Production Weekly

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