Terminator 4, Terminated?

In contrast, I hate the Charlies Angels films. Hate them. I saw the first film because it had Bill Murray, and I only saw the second because a friend of mine was called Charlie and, well he wanted to watch it.

I see McG as a cinematic Anti-Christ.

So when the news hit, that he was going to be helming the next Terminator film, it was a dark day in the Browne household. The skies went black and the sun went red. McG is a terrible film director and the less that I say about The O.C. the better.

How can we go from James Cameron to Jonathan Mostow (a fine director in his own right) to the talent void that is McG. It's like getting Rob Schenider to write and direct a follow-up to Citizen Kane.

This is the McG who over uses "wire-fu" in every action scene. This is the McG who was attached to direct Superman but quit because he was afraid to fly!!

To be fair to the man, he has stated that he wants to be take seriously as a filmmaker, and he made the first steps towards this with We Are Marshall. I haven't seen it, but I am a fan of Matthew McConaughey, so I'll probably catch it at some point. God forbid.

Maybe he has a vision. Maybe he has talent. However, does he really have to destroy the memory of two fantastic films?

I don't hold McG to blame for all of this though. Whoever owns the rights to the Terminator franchise have been whoring it out left, right and center recently and they seem to be willing to ruin any crediblility that the series once had.

This new film titled Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins (which sounds to me like a straight to DVD affair) will be the start of a new trilogy and focus on the events following Judgement Day.

I could probabaly bet a large portion of my wage packet that Arnold Schwarzenegger won't go near this, as ; a) they couldn't afford him b) he's too busy with his other job c) he must have some sort of quality control.

We'll have to wait a while before we see this, but I can promise you one thing.

I won't be back...

In the cinema at least.

Source: moviehole

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