Terminator 4 Plot Details Revealed

When news broke that Christian Bale would be starring in the snappily titled Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, fanboys across the net cheered with joy.

When his name was first mentioned there was much confusion over which role he'd be playing, however we are now assured that he will be John Connor in this Schwarzenegger-less (probably) sequel.

The boys over at seem to have a mole deep inside the Terminator 4 production and they have a brief outline of the film's plot and an update of what characters we can expect to see in the forthcoming film.

The most interesting thing about this new Terminator film is that apparently John Connor isn't the main character - the lead is somebody called Marcus. Marcus (according to CHUD) is a "bad ass", who was put "out of commission" before Judgement Day. Marcus then wakes up fifteen years before the future that we all know and love from the original Terminator movies.

Now, maybe I'm a bit slow, but I have no idea what "out of commission" could mean. Is he a prototype Terminator that was shut down? Was he in a coma? Did he take too many drugs and find himself stoned for a decade and a half? Who knows.

The question that I have to ask is: Why have we never heard of this Marcus character before?

The article also mentions that Kyle Reese makes an appearance in the film, however I find it very unlikely that Michael Biehn will be returning to the series. Another character that is named in the plot outline is a "butt busting female character by the name of Blair, a pilot for the human resistance."

I'm not sure what to think about all of this. I've always wanted to see the future war that was glimpsed in the previous Terminator films, but could this be too much? Also, if John Connor isn't the lead, who will be playing Marcus (compared to Vin Diesels's Riddick in CHUD's article)?

In my opinion, I feel that this film could end up as a mess of CGI and bad action sequences, and with McG's name on the directing credits there's nothing to suggest otherwise.

Might this be the disaster of a film that we all anticipated?

Source: Chud

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