Terminator 4 Moving Ahead With Convoluted Title

I hope we're not seeing the start of a trend in regards to long, convoluted movie titles. First there was the Indy 4 title, which I have to look up almost every time I go to write about it: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Now comes news that the new Terminator sequel is moving forward (Warner Bros. won out in the distribution rights battle with MGM) and will be titled:

Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins

Are you kidding me? Am I whacked or is that one of the dumbest sounding movie titles to come down the pike in quite a while?

I could maybe see Terminator 4: Salvation or something like that, but what the heck does "Terminator Salvation" mean? I suppose they might be going for a Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan vibe... but that's a cool title. Theirs isn't. Besides the hokey "Salvation" in there, it sounds like they took the movie's tagline and stuck it in the title instead.

Anyway, the settling of the distribution rights issue means that the movie can now definitely move forward into production, which should be starting very shortly, and the studio is targeting a summer '09 release date. They're not skimping on the budget and it will be a big production on the order of Terminator 3.

They didn't want to name this one T-4 because it's supposed to take the franchise in a completely different direction. It's the beginning of the full-on war between humanity and Skynet, and they're planning a trilogy. There is still no director officially attached nor do we know if any of the actors from T-3 will be involved, although there's still talk of a cameo by Ahnuld.

Source: RopeOfSilicon

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