Terminator 4 Gets Helena Bonham Carter!

Tim Burton's squeeze will star in a "small but pivotal role" in the action franchise reboot/prequel/sequel (choose whichever floats your boat).

The casting of this film is getting stranger and stranger by the day. First Christian Bale was a total left-field choice for John Connor and now Bonham Carter- an actress known more for costume dramas and Tim Burton films.

There must be a really cool script floating around out there.

I just have to ask the question - How is McG doing it?

I honestly have no idea.

I mean - I love The Terminator series as much as the next man, I even have some love for T3, but even I wouldn't want to go near this movie without Arnold Schwarzenegger, but McG seems to be pulling some top talent.

I think either a lot of stars want a big paycheck, they think that they need the exposure, the script is a fantastic piece of literature or McG has intimate pictures with certain actors and farm yard animals.

I don't even want to know which is true. Although I do hope that the script is good.

We should get a glimpse of what is in store soon - when the trailer premieres in front of The Dark Knight.

If there's anymore news - I'll be back!

Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins opens May 22, 2009


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Terminator 4 Gets Helena Bonham Carter!