Watch Terminator 2 Covered In Grand Theft Auto 5

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2 - Judgment Day

A new video depicting the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day as played in the video game Grand Theft Auto V has made its way online. James Cameron introduced the world to The Terminator in 1984, and though the film was only a modest success at the box office, its cultural impact was so massive that in 1991 the director came back with a big-budget sequel. With its groundbreaking use of CGI, Terminator 2 was a gigantic hit, making $519 million worldwide and spawning a whole franchise that Cameron himself plans to continue (as a producer) with Schwarzenegger on-board as his iconic cyborg warrior from the future.

Terminator 2 itself is coming back to theaters this summer in a 3D re-release, but if watching the entire 2-hour-plus movie in 3D isn't your cup of tea, one fan is offering a unique condensed version of the movie that takes Terminator into the realm of Grand Theft Auto.

Using Grand Theft Auto to create movies is of course nothing new, but this fan version of Terminator 2 with GTA graphics from Kramer's Media takes the art form to a new level. GTA T2 clocks in only half as long as the original film, making it more of a highlight reel than a complete recreation of the movie experience, but all the key scenes are here including the numerous iconic action sequences and of course that unforgettable ending.

Kramer Media employs the original audio track and score to help recreate the movie's tone, but otherwise everything has been lovingly reconstructed using settings and characters from inside GTA 5. Terminator 2 takes place in Los Angeles, so the game's fictionalized version of L.A. has everything you need to make the movie come alive in video game fan-edit form. The action and performances may not have quite the same punch on a small screen using somewhat crude video game graphics, but nevertheless the accomplishment is impressive.

If nothing else, GTA T2 demonstrates the potential of the video game generated fan film. From doing painstakingly faithful recreations of existing films, it's only a short leap to people creating entirely new stories that employ the technology made available by these sorts of games. When Hollywood can no longer exploit a cinematic world for profit, you can argue that fans should be encouraged to take over and make their own movies that live in that world, using whatever technology is available.

At some point in the future, fans may be able to create entire movies with their video game consoles that can legitimately compete with the Hollywood product. For now, men like James Cameron who have access to millions of dollars have the advantage when it comes to crafting cinematic worlds out of thin air using the power of computers.

Source: Kramer's Media

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