Christopher Nolan's Tenet Trailer Secretly Released With Hobbs & Shaw In Theaters

The first teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan's Tenet is secretly attached to screenings of Hobbs and Shaw in theaters this weekend.

The first teaser for Christopher Nolan's Tenet is playing in front of Hobbs and Shaw screenings this weekend. Officially announced back in January as an untitled event film, Tenet is the latest original film from Nolan and has been subject to much secrecy. Star Robert Pattinson was placed in a locked room when he read the script, so cinephiles are becoming increasingly intrigued about what exactly Tenet is. Nolan is one of this generation's premier directors and is renowned for his high ambition and grand scope. He's one of the few brand-name filmmakers with the clout to make whatever he wants.

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As of now, the only plot clue that exists is a set photo teasing Tenet will have one of Nolan's famous mind-bending stories. Since the film isn't due in theaters until next July, many probably expected it to stay that way for a while. However, moviegoers heading to the theater this weekend to check out Hobbs and Shaw were treated to a pleasant surprise, as the first look at Tenet was unveiled.

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Per Variety, a 40-second trailer is playing before the Fast and Furious spinoff. Obviously, it doesn't reveal much about the film, but John David Washington is the lone actor featured and it sports the tagline "Time has come for a new protagonist." Viewers have flocked to Twitter to spread praise for the Tenet trailer, which is not yet available online.

The Tenet trailer coming out today is a surprise, to say the least. In today's age, trailer drops are as big events as the films they promote, with studios drumming up hype and excitement for the preview's release. In some cases "trailers for the trailer" can be a tad ridiculous, so it's refreshing to see WB just drop the Tenet trailer on unsuspecting movie patrons this weekend. Not that it needs the extra publicity, but this'll probably increase demand to see Hobbs and Shaw on the big screen, as cinephiles will want to get their first glimpse of Nolan's new film. Just by the talent attached, Tenet is one of 2020's most anticipated film and is poised to be a massive event.

Some may find it unusual for a Tenet preview to be out so far ahead of the film's release, but this has become standard practice for Nolan. The initial Dunkirk teaser was released in summer 2016, and the first trailer for The Dark Knight Rises came out in 2011. Now, the biggest question is when the Tenet teaser will be released online. Nolan, of course, is a big proponent of the theatrical experience and seeing things on the biggest of screens, so it may not be until the end of the weekend when it's shared on the internet. Until then, it might be worth going to Hobbs and Shaw just to get a sneak peek at the new Nolan film

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