Tenet Movie Trailer Description: Christopher Nolan's New Film Revealed

Here's a complete description of the Tenet movie trailer, from director Christopher Nolan, that's playing in front of Hobbs & Shaw in theaters.

John David Washington and Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan's Tenet movie trailer debuted in front of Hobbs & Shaw this weekend, and here's a complete description of what happens in the teaser trailer. A follow up to his 2017 World War II movie Dunkirk, Nolan's Tenet is yet another original story from the acclaimed filmmaker, one that might play with the concept of time. Given that Tenet is slated to release in mid-July, Nolan and Warner Bros. Pictures are clearly banking on it being another breakout hit similar to Inception, which was also a mind-bending blockbuster movie.

In addition to featuring Nolan veterans Michael Caine and Kenneth Branagh, the Tenet movie stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and more. And while not much is officially known about the upcoming film, Tenet has been described as "an action epic evolving from the world international espionage." Of course, with someone like Nolan, that brief log-line could mean practically anything. But thankfully, Nolan is a person of habit. So an announcement trailer for Tenet debuted one year ahead of the movie's release date, and we have a complete description available.

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The Tenet movie trailer begins by focusing on a bullet hole on what appears to be bullet-proof glass, with John David Washington's character - who, all the other cast members, remains unnamed at the moment - standing on the other side of the glass. As he starts walking towards the bullet hole, the screen cuts to black and the following tagline appears on-screen: "Time has come for a new protagonist." The trailer returns to Washington's character walking towards the bullet hole, but when the camera returns from the black screen, Washington seems to have moved back a little.

Again, the trailer cuts to black, but this time a new message appears: "Time has come for a new kind of mission." It returns to Washington, who once again seems to have started from a little further behind, walking up to the bullet hole and touching it. Cut to black, with the trailer announcing "From Christopher Nolan" before showing Washington move from the first bullet hole to another one off to the right. Once again, the Tenet trailer cuts to black and announces John David Washington. But what's interesting is that, when it returns to Washington's character, he repeats his movement towards the second bullet, almost like it was a time loop.

When he finally touches the second bullet hole, the movie's logo appears - upside down and rotating counterclockwise - and the trailer begins to cut back-and-forth between showing the logo and showing snippets of Washington in a new environment, running with armored/riot gear on outside, punching someone in the face while wearing a suit, and being taken captive somewhere (with two other men holding onto him). The Tenet trailer ends with Washington standing with an oxygen mask on while a door in front of him opens.

It's worth pointing out that when Washington walks between the first and second bullet holes in the Tenet trailer, it looks like he might be walking backward. And with the movie's logo spinning counterclockwise, could all this have to do with time going backward - or something else that's equally mind-numbing?

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