Christopher Nolan's Tenet Movie Logo Teases Another Brain-Melting Plot

A new look at the spelling of Tenet, the title of Christopher Nolan's forthcoming film, promises more of the filmmaker's signature cerebral style.

Christopher Nolan Behind the Camera

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet movie logo teases another brain melting plot. The 49-year-old English director has become synonymous over the years with highly detailed (and some would argue sometimes convoluted) film plots, the likes of which have garnered him a dedicating following and often huge box office success.

Two years ago, Nolan stepped away from his signature sci-fi/action-adventure style to bring audiences the tale of Dunkirk, a World War II era retelling of Britain’s efforts to rescue thousands of allied soldiers who were surrounded by the German army on a beach in occupied France. The film won three Oscars, though for many hardcore Nolan fans, it lacked the dizzying cerebral storytelling that past efforts like Interstellar, Inception and The Prestige had going for them. Now, however, Nolan is once again hard at work on his next film, Tenet, and although there’s been very little to go on since it was first announced, things are already shaping up to be classic Nolan.

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The latest indication that Tenet is going to do a number on our brains comes to us courtesy of Twitter account @trevomad, which offers an on-set photo of the currently filming Nolan epic as well as clarification that the palindrome of Tenet is now being spelled as TENƎꓕ. The proof of this can be seen on the film’s clapboard, on which the title is written. You can check out the photo and tweet below:

As previously stated, we don’t currently have a lot of information to go on with regards to Tenet’s plot. One thing we do know, however, is that Tenet deals with international espionage and involves the space-time continuum. For this reason, the new spelling of TENƎꓕ is a perfect addition to the overall theme of the film - in that it’s coming and going, upside down and right side up, but remains the same, just with different perspectives. It’s not only the right addition for this film, but fits in nicely with Nolan’s approach on most of his films. But unfortunately for Nolan fans, we’ll all have to continue to wait for more substantial information about the upcoming film, which is presently slated for a July 2020 release.

With its promise of international espionage, impressive casting, multiple globetrotting locations and one of the reportedly highest production budgets ever, there’s plenty of reason for cinephiles and Nolan diehards alike to feel great anticipation for the release of Tenet. And while there might not be a lot to go on at present, Nolan is a master at biding his time with his material, ensuring that when the time is right, the public’s desire to see just what kind of film this is going to be will be at a near fanatical level.

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Source: @trevomad

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