Temptation Island: Here is the List of Boundaries Couples Set Before Meeting Singles

The brand new couples of Temptation Island's second season reveal the boundaries that they've set for their partners ahead of the premiere.

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Ahead of its October 10 premiere, this season's Temptation Island couples have revealed the boundaries they've set for their partners before they go off to meet the singles that will potentially break them up. This will be the second season of the rebooted TV show which originally ran for three seasons in the early 2000s.

Temptation Island is a reality TV show where four supposedly happy couples are brought to a beautiful location - this season will take place in Maui, Hawaii - where they have to live in a separate location than their partner, surrounded by singles who are trying to tempt them to leave their current relationship for a new one. The goal of the experiment is to see if both you and your partner are as strong in your relationship as you think you are - or if one (or both) of you will be tempted by someone new and exciting. This season's four couples were revealed in August through the Temptation Island official Instagram page, but those couples are now opening up about the ground rules they've set within their relationships.

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Just hours before they were leaving their partners, the couples sat down for an interview (via Us), where they revealed what boundaries they had set for their partners, and some are being stricter than others. Couple Esonica Veira and Gavin Rocker agreed that it was important "not to try to control the situation too much," but Veira also said that they've set the boundary that no kissing or sex is allowed, which Rocker didn't completely agree with. Rocker jumped in, saying that "kissing [is] not always in your control," but clarified that neither one of them should be initiating a kiss, and that "if someone leans in … no continuing the kiss." While Rocker and Veira seemed to be on the same page, couple Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur had a difference of opinion in what boundaries were appropriate. Fleur said that Goldson has set "a whole list of boundaries" which includes "no massages and kissing," but says that he hasn't set any boundaries for Goldson. "I know what Temptation Island is" said Fleur, and he believes "we have to take on all that [Temptation Island] has to offer." Fleur also joked that he was now "technically single," but Goldson shut that down, reminding him that he does not have a "hall pass."

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When it comes to hall passes, couple Ashley Howland and Casey Starchak agreed that's not why they've come on Temptation Island. Starchak and Howland felt that couples who give their partners complete freedom in order to test if they're meant to be together are making a mistake because that's the way to "completely separate yourselves and not grow closer" as a couple. Howland said they've set the boundary of "no kissing, no cuddling, nothing like that" and Starchak added later that "we don't have to get physical" to experience Temptation Island fully. The fourth and final couple, Kate Griffith and David Benavidez, were on the same page as the other couples in terms of physical intimacy, with Benavidez saying they "draw a really hard line with nothing physical." In reference to the clips that are sent between the houses, Griffith added that she didn't think they would be "the kind of couple that would retaliate based on what we're seeing" and that they both know "not to paint a picture" of what happens before or after those thirty second clips because they won't know the full story.

In the premiere of season 2, Temptation Island fans will soon be able to see which couples make it through this test and who strays from their partner (sorry, Rick, but we don't have a lot of faith in you based on your answers). Only one of the original couples from season 1 made it through this social experiment, and though Shari Ligons and Javen Butler are still together as of October 2019, one of four couples is not a great track record. Will this season prove that these new couples are as strong as they think they are, or will Temptation Island get the best of them?

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Temptation Island premieres Thursday October 10 at 10pm EST on USA Network.

Source: Us

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