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Temptation Island will return for season 2 this October with all-new couples. The show that tests the faithfulness of couples will be putting four new pairs to the test, and it'll no doubt be a roller coaster ride for everyone involved.

Temptation Island, the social experiment turned reality TV show, consists of four couples who agree to put their relationship to the ultimate test of trust. The four couples, at a crossroads in their relationship, try out the "single life" in order to gain clarity and see who can be trusted. The couples are split up and brought to different houses - the men in one house and the women in another. On the Hawaiian island of Maui, the separated couples will be living with sexy singles of the opposite gender sent there to tempt them. In the end, the goal is to see just how strong these couples are and if they will be able to resist temptation or if they will be going home alone. Temptation Island has been putting relationships to the test since 2001, and is on its second season with the USA network.

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In a teaser for season 2 (via: Us Weekly), viewers are introduced to the all-new couples seen on their official Instagram. First up is Ashley Goldson (30) and Rick Fleur (32). After four years, Ashley is ready to find out if Rick is finally ready to settle down. Next, there are Ashley Howland (25) and Casey Starchak (26) who met a year and a half ago on a dating website. After the initial attraction led to a fun fling, things got serious, quickly, as they have since moved in together. The couple struggle with trust and commitment, mostly due to Ashley’s past relationships, and he can’t help but think about the single life he gave up for her. Check out the teaser below:

The third couple is David Benavidez (28) and Kate Griffith (34). After three years together, Kate is ready to settle down with David, but he’s more cautious about a future due to his fear of being vulnerable. They’ve remained faithful to each other thus far in their relationship, but both of them have cheated on their significant others in the past. Lastly, there are Gavin Rocker (26) and Esonica Veira (30). The former pageant queen has been with boyfriend Gavin, a private security officer, for the last year. The couple has a hard time with trust, due to Gavin’s past mistakes.

According to the teaser for the new season, it appears some of the couples, such as Ashley H. and Casey have "definitely set ground rules" for each other during their stay in Maui, including no kissing or cuddling. However, not all of the couples are happy with what is happening behind their significant others' backs. Kate says, "Why are we here? Why are we doing this?' I should have put my foot down from the beginning," while Dave is shown getting a massage from another woman.

In this televised social experiment-turned-reality show, Temptation Island will be separating couples and forcing them into a perfect environment where their faithfulness will be tested. Although all of the couples have been together for a year or more, things are sure to heat up. Premiering on USA this October, audiences will see whether or not the show's couples have what it takes to make their relationships last.

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Source: Us Weekly, Tempation Island

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