Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 3 Comic-Con Poster & Images

Telltale The Walking Dead Season 3 Clementine and AJ Cover

Telltale’s The Walking Dead video game series stands as one of the best that story-based adventure gaming has to offer, but also is considered by some to be the best iteration of The Walking Dead. The series made waves when its first season was released in 2012, following recognition via Game of the Year awards, and others lauding its story, acting, and character design. Along with a number of other franchise, Telltale released Season 2 through the beginning of 2014, and fans have been chomping at the bit ever since to continue the adventures of the young survivor Clementine.

A trailer at E3 gave us our first look at season 3, which is currently scheduled to begin releasing chapters this fall. While it was exciting to see a slightly older Clementine alive and well, the Telltale's Walking Dead trailer was decidedly short on details about which direction this season's story would take.

Fortunately, with the San Diego Comic-Con in full effect this week, Telltale was present to drop a few more hints about what fans of the series can expect, and some cool posters and screenshots to boot! The season 3 poster has been purposefully designed to hearken to and contrast the SDCC 2011 original. This time, Clem no longer needs protection and stands shoulder to shoulder alongside as a peer to the newcomer survivor, Javier. Both characters will be playable this season, though not simultaneously. One of the new images (following the poster, below) shows the two working together as they make their way through a walker-infested slaughterhouse.

Telltale The Walking Dead Season 3 Poster

Telltale The Walking Dead Season 3 Javier in Junkyard

Telltale The Walking Dead Season 3 Clementine and Javier in Slaughterhouse

The third season of The Walking Dead is being designed as a jumping on point for folks who haven't had the chance to play the first two seasons. While the choices of prior players will still reflect the path they've taken to this point, a default starting point for newcomers will introduce Clementine's backstory from the point of view of Javier.

One of the major characters in this new season is young AJ, the son of Rebecca from Season 2. AJ isn't a new character, but since he's no longer an infant, he's certainly come into his own. Javier's family is also set to play a major role in the story, as keeping them together during the undead apocalypse is his primary goal.

With all these new players involved, along with series creator Robert Kirkman's hints that Clementine's story may intersect with the original comics series, it certainly seems like the series has a few tricks up its sleeves. Episode 1 can't come quickly enough!

Stay tuned to Screen Rant for updates on Telltale's The Walking Dead. Season 3 releases this fall.

Source: Telltale Games

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