Telltale’s The Walking Dead Game Series to Be Completed by Skybound

Lee Clementine the Walking Dead

Telltale's The Walking Dead final season is moving forward thanks to a recent save by comic book publisher Skybound. For years, Telltale Games was one of the more cherished video game developers and publishers in the industry, thanks to their unique art style as well as how much importance they placed on storytelling and choice-based gameplay. While they had some hits over the years, it wasn't until they licensed the video game rights to The Walking Dead IP that they really hit their stride.

In 2012, Telltale released their first season of The Walking Dead, and it earned widespread acclaim from critics and consumers alike. And that success encouraged them to go after more popular franchises to adapt, such as Game of Thrones (which borrowed heavily from the HBO series), Guardians of the Galaxy, and even Batman. But none were as successful as The Walking Dead, which is why the studios came back to finish the series once and for all this year with the fourth and final season. Unfortunately, that story has since hit a snag.

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Telltale Games recently laid off almost its entire workforce; they kept just over two dozen people on board in order to fulfill their obligations for certain properties, which ultimately didn't include The Walking Dead, even though the final season already had its first two episodes release. However, comic book creator Robert Kirkman revealed during The Walking Dead TV show's panel at New York Comic Con 2018 that Skybound Entertainment has resurrected the video game series to finish Clementine's story.

In an announcement, Skybound Games said they fully plan on finishing The Walking Dead: The Final Season, but there aren't any specific details on how and when that will happen. However, the studio did say they will be working with some original developers from Telltale on completing the story. It's something that they are adamant about doing, since it was one of the very first projects they worked on as a division of Skybound Entertainment, not to mention they're fans of the game (and the story) as well.

At NYCC, Kirkman's announcement was greeted with applause, and he said that Walking Dead fans "can’t lose Andrew Lincoln and Clementine in the same year," thus referring to Lincoln's upcoming exit from AMC's TV show in season 9, which means two main franchise characters - Rick Grimes and Clementine - would be meeting their ends. However, that doesn't mean either character would die.

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Source: Skybound Games

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