Lionsgate Partners With Telltale to Create TV Shows Based on Video Games

Telltale Games The Wolf Among Us

Video game developer Telltale Games has been steadily releasing titles since 2005, but it wasn't until the arrival of episodic game series The Walking Dead in 2012 that the studio's popularity really exploded, gathering critical praise and Game of the Year awards from all corners. Since then Telltale has focused on creating more narrative-driven choice-and-consequence style adventure games based on a range of adapted properties.

The Wolf Among Us was the first to follow: a neo-noir detective story based on Bill Willingham's Fables comic books, in which players took on the role of Sheriff Bigby Wolf to solve the murders of fairy tale characters who are living in New York after being cast out from their homeland. More recently Telltale teamed up with HBO to create an episodic Game of Thrones series that ties into the events of the TV show.

Now Telltale has announced that another big fish has landed on the hook, as Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer has been added to Telltale's board of directors. Feltheimer brings with him a sizeable financial investment, which Telltale CEO Kevin Bruner explained "will accelerate Telltale's ability to create not only original games, but episodic television series based on our game properties."

Lionsgate is best known for producing films, but its current TV shows include Orange is the New Black and Mad Men. Meanwhile, Telltale's current game series include Tales from the Borderlands, a tie-in title set in the Borderlands outer space Western universe created by Gearbox Software, and a third season of The Walking Dead is also currently in development.

Tales from the Borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands certainly has the potential for a fun Firefly-esque sci-fi show if adapted for television, but The Wolf Among Us might be a bit too conceptually similar to ABC series Once Upon a Time. It's still early days for Lionsgate and Telltale, but it will be interesting to see which IPs make the move across the pond to television or video games.

The partnership with Lionsgate wasn't the only big move for Telltale this week, as former Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello has also joined the studio's board of directors. All this additional investment and backing will no doubt open up a lot of opportunities for Telltale, but will the studio be able to maintain its unique indie charm under the weight of so many major partnerships?

Source: Lionsgate/Telltale

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