Telltale's Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer: The Return of Clementine

The Walking Dead season 3

Telltale's The Walking Dead video game series wasn't the first of it's kind, but its popularity signaled the revitalization of the story-based adventure game. Winning a slew of Game of the Year awards, including others based on its writing, performances, and character design, some critics called the game the best experience the Walking Dead franchise had to offer. Since then, Telltale studios has juggled multiple series, including Game of Thrones, Fables, and now an upcoming Batman title.

Telltale also recently released a spinoff series called The Walking Dead: Michonne. The first released chapter, "In Too Deep," showed promise, but fans are chomping at the bit to see what happens next to the last remaining characters from the original two seasons of the game.

Well it doesn't look like we'll have to wait much longer to follow Clementine's adventures. Telltale released an all new trailer (see above) showing the child of the zombie apocalypse effortlessly taking down a walker on the way to... something. She's also with an unfamiliar companion who simply remarks, "That one was marked too. We must be getting close. Just hold on."

The Walking Dead season 3

It sounds like Clementine is on a rescue mission, but why the walkers would be marked is a mystery. We don't hear her speak, but she's clearly much older now, confirming Robert Kirkman's remarks in an interview with IGN, that some time has passed since the end of the last season.

"The way that the timeline works, Season 3 will actually be getting pretty close to where we are in the comics currently... There’s a lot of really cool, really exciting things coming that I don’t think people will expect. We’ll be checking in on Clementine again... But also, similar to the Michonne series, I think there will probably be some more comic book elements that’ll be working in, in some interesting ways. I don’t wanna reveal too much, but [it] will definitely go hand-in-hand with the comic a little bit more than Season 2 did."

It sounds like there might be some plans to do major crossover work between the comic series and the game. Characters from the comics appeared in the first season of the Telltale game, but could Clementine show up in the comic series? It would certainly make for some unprecedented experimentation in cross-platform storytelling, and would explain Kirkman's excitement.

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Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 3 releases this fall.

Source: IGN

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