Telltale Games is Now Being Liquidated; Games Disappearing From Steam

telltale games liquidation

Telltale Games has entered the liquidation phase of its closing process. The studio recently shocked the gaming industry when it announced its closure in September of this year, as there were very few indications that something was wrong with the powerhouse developer.

The initial closure announcement from Telltale Games also involved one of the most brutal layoffs in recent memory, letting go of the majority of the studio's staff and only maintaining a skeleton crew of about 25 employees who were meant to finish any contractual obligations that the developers still had with other companies. All told, 250 people lost their jobs in the closure and were left without any severance and health insurance that would run out in just over a week. Understandably, much of the focus during that time was on the stories of the developers who had worked so hard and been stunned by the sudden closure, with many studios around the world showing solidarity and posting the positions they had available in a show of support for Telltale and its talented team.

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Just a few months later, Telltale Games has now begun liquidating. According to the report from GameDaily, that process will affect gamers, too, in the form of some games becoming immediately delisted from Steam. So far, players will no longer be able to purchase Tales of Monkey Island, Jurassic Park or Back to the Future: The Game from Valve's digital storefront, although at least for now, both of those titles are available on if fans want to make sure they get them before they are potentially taken down.

While the liquidation process might not be directly involved in this - it's more likely that the studio's closure is now causing some licensing issues - these games and more could start disappearing from other locations as well as Steam. It appears that other companies may be able to file for their games to be taken down in the near future, though, based on some of the finer details in the report, which includes updates on former employees' benefits being cut even faster than previously understood thanks to the liquidation of Telltale Games.

What this process also indicates, however, is that the end is coming much quicker than anticipated for the studio. Originally, the 25 remaining employees were meant to help the company continue for the foreseeable future. Telltale CEO Pete Hawley had indicated as much on Twitter. Now, though, it appears Hawley has either deleted his Twitter or changed his account name, and that Telltale will be closing much more swiftly, which probably spells the end for any of the projects the studio was supposedly still working on.

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Source: GameDaily

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