Telltale's Batman Game To Be Detailed At SXSW

The developers at Telltale Games have reached something of a monopoly on narrative-focused games, after their critical hit The Walking Dead snagged the attention (and emotions) of gamers everywhere.  It wasn’t their first foray into episodic interactive storytelling, having already made a name for themselves with adaptations of CSI, Wallace & Gromit and Back To The Future. But it was only after the tale of 'Clementine'  surviving a zombie apocalypse that Telltale’s momentum really started to build.

Not only have they created game series for TV hit Game of Thrones but also The Wolf Among Us (based on the Fables comic), and even games based on games: Minecraft: Story Mode and Tales From The Borderlands, both of which gave a fresh perspective on already established and well-loved franchises. Next in line for them is a return to the comics, and an even bigger franchise with The Dark Knight himself. Last year it was announced that Telltale will be making a Batman game,  and more details are due to be unveiled at a very special event during SXSW.

'Batman: Telltale Unmasked' will take place on March 18, 2016 at the Austin Convention Center as part of the SXSW Gaming Expo. They’ve also managed to get one of the biggest Batman fans in the games industry to host the event, Kinda Funny Games’ Greg Miller. Miller will moderate a 45-minute discussion alongside Telltale CEO Kevin Bruner and the game’s writer, Pierre Shorette, among others. Last year’s brief announcement trailer teased an approach that suggests a close look at Batman’s origin, and the Wayne family’s as a whole. It will more than likely feature playable sections as both Wayne and Batman as Telltale hopes to dive into what really makes Bruce Wayne tick. Bruner has said that it will be unlike any other Batman game before, so fans can probably assume there won’t be any of Arkham Knight's Batmobile tank combat to worry about.

Batman Arkham Game Close Up

Those attending SXSW will be able to get in for free and experience it first-hand. If you’re not going to be in Austin,  then you needn’t miss anything, as it will be streamed live on Twitch via

Telltale has its fair share of critics, some expressing dissatisfaction with how their genre, while others are simply growing less engaged with the same style or feeling that their much hyped choices aren't really all that consequential. Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem that the studio is losing any steam. After this Batman game series, Telltale also has a deal with Marvel, although which character from that catalogue will be the subject is not yet known. In addition, there’s also The Walking Dead: Season Three and Game of Thrones: Season Two which are also in the pipeline. What else could Telltale tackle next? Star Wars? Superman? Doctor Who? If this Batman game proves to be a hit, the options could be limitless.

For more information about the Batman: Telltale Unmasked event, you can visit the SXSW website.

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