The Television Presence At San Diego Comic-Con 2009

UpDated 7-2-09

Last year at the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con, the event was ruled by several big named movies that ranged from youthful vampires to illegal vigilantes.  TV was more a side-note than anything else.

This year at the 2009 Comic-Con, things will be a bit different as television programming seems to have a bigger presence than last year.

For instance, the Warner Brothers Television Group will have 11 different panels for their shows.  That's a studio best for them.  ABC Studios will have 7 panels.  20th Century Fox will have 9 panels.

Do you think your favorite television show will be represented?

This year, I'm ready...  I hope.  So in preparation, I've started sifting through the network press releases and other resources, pulling it all together for myself.  I decided...  OK, maybe I was nudged a bit by Vic, to actually put it all prep info together here, for you, our loyal readers.

I'm done chatting.  Let's take a look at what television panels are lined up for the 2009 San Diego Comic Con.


Wednesday Evening, July 22nd:

6-9 p.m.:Warner Brothers Television will be airing pilot previews this evening for the early-arriving crowd.

Human Target, V and The Vampire Diaries are the shows being previewed on this evening.


Thursday, July 23rd:

Burn Notice, Time To Be Determined (TTBD)This panel will feature Bruce Campbell and writers from the series.

Legend of the Seeker, TTBD

Psych, TTBD

5-6 p.m.: Dexter

8 p.m. - Special Screening - Green Lantern [UPDATED]Catch a special screening of the 5th DVD in the Green Lantern series, titled Green Lantern: First Flight. It will have it's world premiere in Ballroom 20.  That's 5 days before it's released to DVD!

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