One of the major complaints fans and critics alike had with the 2014 reboot Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was that it missed out on the goofiness that made the heroes on the half shell so much fun to begin with! Well, Paramount course corrected in a major way with the upcoming sequel Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, not only bringing in more humor and more turtles, but also looping in a couple of the brother's most fan-adored baddies: Bebop and Rocksteady.

Goofballs who relish in crime and their beastly bromance, these burly mutants bring mad energy and gonzo action to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. And when we sat down with the stars behind these hulking scene-stealers, it was easy to see how. Comedic actor Gary Anthony Williams lent his animated voice to the purple-Mohawked warthog Bebop, while WWE Superstar Stephen "Sheamus" Farrelly brought his brawn and bravado to the tatted rhino Rocksteady. Screen Rant spoke with the playful pair about how the characters and the chemistry came together, and how their onscreen relationship bled into bedtime. Much like their colorful characters, this charismatic crew will not be tamed.

One note of clarification, because it's unclear in my initial explanation: "Slaps" is a "house rule" for board games in which a frustrated participant slaps playing pieces--not other players--out of play. And it has never once been successfully enacted. Attempt it at your own risk.

I have my notes on my phone, so please pardon me for looking.

Stephen Farrelly: I mean if you are tweeting while we’re talking that’s fine.

Gary Anthony Williams: Yeah. Live tweet this.

I’m taking selfies…

Stephen Farrelly: I mean a lot of people’s lives revolve around their phone, so we understand.

Gary Anthony Williams: Yeah. And we have this new app called Slapchat where we just slap the heck out of each other whenever we see each other…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 - Bebop and Rocksteady

My husband actually has a game he likes to play when we play board games that he calls the slaps rule, where if he’s not doing well…It evolved out of Scrabble, but now it’s like just anytime he’s not doing well in a board game, he’s like, “Well, we’re playing Slaps.” I’m like, “That’s not a thing!”

Gary Anthony Williams: It is now! And there’s help for it.

Stephen Farrelly: There’s a number, too: 1-800-Slap…

Is this what it was like in the recording booth?

Gary Anthony Williams: Yep!


Gary Anthony Williams: It really was! Sometimes they’d put a wall kinda between us…

Stephen Farrelly: But we’d find our way around the wall.

Gary Anthony Williams: We’d find our way around it. [laughs]

Stephen Farrelly: We’d either dig under or go around…

Was that for sound or…?

Gary Anthony Williams: Yeah. It’s kind of to separate the sound…

Stephen Farrelly: We felt we were just getting too close. It was just getting too weird.

So how much of the performance is just voice work versus being on set?

Gary Anthony Williams: Oh! You ask all the right questions!

Stephen Farrelly: You did your homework.

Gary Anthony Williams: At the beginning we’re humans and then we morph into those guys. So we were on set when we were getting changed and morphing. After that, most of it was in the studio doing the voice for them.

Stephen Farrelly: Initially, he did some voice stuff on his own. I did some stuff on my own. And we were like, “No. we need to do this together.” Just being able to bounce off of each other, that’s where the great chemistry comes in, because we hit it off right away. Gary would follow everywhere, like to my room…

Gary Anthony Williams: His house.

Stephen Farrelly: My house. It was just kinda weird. But I just kinda got used to it.

Bebop and Rocksteady TMNT 2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows

Sure. Because then it’s like you always know someone is going to be there at night…

Gary Anthony Williams: Exactly, like just watching you: “You still asleep? You still asleep?”

“I’m here with you, brother!”

Stephen Farrelly: The weirdest was when I went to the kitchen to get some water out of the fridge and he’s standing by the fridge. I don’t know how long he’d been standing there.

Gary Anthony Williams: That was not weird!

Stephen Farrelly: It was four o’clock in the morning.

Gary Anthony Williams: You looked thirsty. That’s not weird. It’s not weird to follow somebody super close.

Stephen Farrelly: Maybe it’s not. Maybe I’m the one who overreacts. I overreact all the time. I apologize. I’m the overreactor.

Gary Anthony Williams: So this is pretty much what you get. We’re not doing this for the cameras. I can tell you right now…I can tell you right now that this is all the time! [laughs] And people probably get sick of it, but…

Stephen Farrelly: We have so much fun. Even though we were in shoot, we’d be sitting back with Brian T. and Brittany…

Gary Anthony Williams: Ishibashi.

Stephen Farrelly: Which I can’t pronounce. So we were all four of us hanging out. [laughs] Even back sitting in the chairs when they’re filming their scenes, I couldn’t help just having to laugh all the time, just joking and just being silly.

Gary Anthony Williams: And that’s the secret of these guys, too, like they love just being around each other. But now they are super strong and powerful with basically nothing to stop them. So now they are big, violent, fun…

Stephen Farrelly: Super intelligent…

Gary Anthony Williams: Intelligent guys who still love to be around each other, but now they can destroy things.

Bebop and Rocksteady Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Out of the Shadows TMNT Movie 2016

Yeah. It’s the beastliest bromance I think we’ve seen.

Gary Anthony Williams: The beastliest….?

Stephen Farrelly: That’s a very good line…

Gary Anthony Williams: I like a lot of stuff about you...

Stephen Farrelly: We can use that in our next couple of interviews: the beastliest bromance…

I mean I’d go for a slash fic, too, but that’s like a whole different thing.

Gary Anthony Williams: I’m going beastliest…

Stephen Farrelly: No. I like the beastliest bromance you’ve ever seen…

Gary Anthony Williams: Coming this fall…

Stephen Farrelly: Could you write for us? Would you?

[Laughs] Call me anytime.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows hits theaters June 3, 2016.

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