'Teen Wolf' Video Preview: Is It The Next 'Vampire Diaries'?


Many guffawed at the idea of MTV resurrecting the 80s comedy Teen Wolf - but early looks showed it to be a wolf of a different color. The latest preview paints the series as a darkly supernatural coming-of-age drama.

The new Teen Wolf clip is essentially a short interview with star Tyler Hoechlin (Road To Perdition), interspersed with clips from early episodes. Those expecting hirsute basketball players and bathroom comedy may be left hanging.

"Teen Wolf is...original. That's the thing that really drew me to the project," says Hoechlin. He goes on to say the new series is scarier than anything currently on MTV - presumably including a new Jersey Shore spin-off.

There's at least one major change, though we expect to see plenty more, from the source material: the main character Scott McCall (Legendary's Tyler Posey) is transformed by a traditional werewolf bite, not a genetic case of lycanthropy, and can be triggered by either a full moon or a heightened emotional state. The latter of which costar Crystal Reed (Skyline) is only too happy to provide.

Aspects of the original do peek through, like Scott's interest in sports. Though, a modern choice of lacrosse over basketball is yet another change. Guess he won't need cleats - claws tend to scuff up those gymnasium floors anyway.

To make things a little more complicated (and dramatic), the werewolves feel a blood-lust at the full moon, which attracts the attention of "The Hunters," who are trying to kill both Scott and his werewolf sire Derek Hale (Hoechlin).

Check out the clip below:

In case you missed it, you can also catch an earlier Teen Wolf trailer - here.

It's hard to talk about the new series without mentioning some of its supernatural contemporaries. The moody atmosphere, color correction, and proliferation of bare chests screams Twilight, and the ongoing high school drama is more than reminiscent of CW's The Vampire Diaries. The wolves have a strange lack of body hair, a trait they share with the Twilight lycanthropes. Homo homini lupis, indeed.

Speaking of lycanthropy: the new series seems to be taking the storied lore behind werewolves very seriously. There's a focus on the mythology of werewolves, which is a rich vein to tap - as far as story material is concerned. From the trailer there's at least a few action scenes, with the standard transformation/body horror thrown in. Combine it all with the significant tribulations of high school, and you might have a hit with MTV's teenage audience.

Teen Wolf premieres June 5th on MTV.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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