Teen Wolf: 10 Times The Show Broke Our Hearts

Teen television treats a lot of milestones like life and death moments. Everything is more dramatic when you’re a character in a teen drama. Teen Wolf took that a step further by actually making major milestones about life and death.

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Though the MTV series was a remake of a more comedic 80s film, it leaned heavy on the drama. Many a character lost their life throughout the show’s run. More characters experienced extensive trauma that would take them a long time to work through. As a result, the series was full of moments that broke the hearts of the audience watching. Here are 10 times that this show broke our hearts.

10 Stiles Hallucinates The Blame Game

When Lydia hosted a massive party in season two, she laced her punch with wolfsbane. As a result, everyone attending her party had some interesting hallucinations. Stiles’ hallucination was less interesting and more heartbreaking.

Under the influence of the wolfsbane, Stiles believed he saw his drunken father ranting at him after his mother’s death. His father blamed Stiles for the loss of his mother years earlier. The hallucination was disturbing enough for fans, but the worst was that Stiles believed everything it told him. 

9 Victoria Argent Chooses To Die Human

Chris And Victoria Argent In Teen Wolf

Before Allison Argent fell for a werewolf, her entire family was trained to hunt them. When her mother wound up with the bite, Victoria wasn’t about to let herself become a monster.

Victoria couldn’t reconcile her beliefs about supernatural creatures with the idea that she could live beyond a werewolf bite. Instead of waiting it out and allowing herself to turn, she chose to die. Her husband helped her make her choice a reality.  Just as heartbreaking was Allison falling apart after learning of her mother’s death.

8 Derek Ends His First Love’s Pain

Derek And Paige In Teen Wolf

Derek Hale always seemed like he had a bit of a chip on his shoulder. A flashback sequence late in the series showed fans why part of that chip existed.

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When Derek was a teenager, he fell hard for his classmate Paige. Unfortunately, their relationship wasn’t meant to be. Derek wanted Paige to be a werewolf like him. After a member of the Hale family bit her, however, her body refused the bite. Instead of turning, Paige experienced pain and a slow death. Paige asked Derek to end it for her, and he granted her wish by breaking her neck. The flashback gave fans a lot of insight into Derek’s character while they shed a few tears.

7 Stiles Vanishes

When the Wild Hunt came to Beacon Hills, no one knew just what was happening. That’s because the riders took anyone who saw them and their memories gradually faded from existence. 

Stiles and Lydia investigated strange occurrences in their hometown, but it came at a price. Stiles saw the riders coming. Though he and Lydia tried to outrun them, it didn’t work. His last words to Lydia before he vanished were, “remember, I love you.” The next day at school, there was no trace of him, and Lydia had no idea what she’d forgotten, crushing the hearts of the fans of their burgeoning relationship.

6 Isaac’s Father Turns The Tables

Before joining Derek, and later Scott, in a werewolf pack, Isaac didn’t have a great life. It’s hard to pick just one moment in his relationship with his father that broke the hearts of the audience.

As Isaac’s backstory was fleshed out for the series, we saw his father fly off the handle at Isaac more than once. In one instance, he flipped a table over, getting glass in Isaac’s face. In another, he locked Isaac in a freezer in their basement. Needless to say, Isaac’s father was a piece of work, and any time the audience saw them together, they were in for heartbreak.

5 Lydia Listens To Her Grandmother

When Lydia’s banshee abilities first surfaced, she had no idea what they were. Over time, she gradually learned more about herself and how she ended up as a banshee. Her grandmother was one as well, though Lorraine never knew that.

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In season four, as Lydia learned more about her grandmother while all her friends were in a Dead Pool, she and Stiles made a trip to Eichen House. They wanted to know who was after them and all of their friends. Lydia got more than she bargained for, however, as she was forced to listen to a recording of the day Lorraine died. On the tape, Lorraine begged for the person taking her life to stay away from Lydia.

4 Stiles Calls Melissa Mom

Before the truth of the nogitsune came to light, Stiles thought he was going crazy. Exhausted and put through the supernatural ringer, he spent some time under observation in the hospital. While he did, Scott’s mother was there to keep an eye on him.

Not realizing what he was saying to her, when Melissa told him to get some rest, and effectively tucked him back into bed, he replied, “thanks, mom.” The closeness of the Stilinski and McCall families had already been noted time and time again on Teen Wolf, but this scene certainly brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

3 Scott Offers To Cure Stiles

Scott Comforts Stiles In The Hospital In Teen Wolf

Stiles spent a lot of time jealous of Scott’s werewolf abilities early in the series, but he never genuinely wanted to be a wolf. Following his time in the hospital, and the possibility that he had the same disease that killed his mother, however, Stiles seriously considered it.

When Stiles voiced his fears that he would slowly lose his mind to Scott, Scott reminded him that they were brothers. He had no plans to let Stiles suffer. Though he told Stiles he would “do something about it,” the implication was that Scott would rather make Stiles a werewolf than let Stiles lose his brain function to a disease.

2 Allison’s Death

Allison Dies In Scotts Arms On Teen Wolf

This particular scene doesn’t just rate as a heartbreaking moment for Teen Wolf; it might just be one of the saddest moments in teen television. When Crystal Reed decided to leave Teen Wolf behind, the writers sent her character out in full heroic style.

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While Allison and her friends attempted a rescue mission, they were attacked and outnumbered. Allison fought valiantly to save them all, and it cost her life. She spent her last moments in Scott’s arms, reminding him that she loved him. 

1 Scott Handles A Flare

Teen Wolf Motel California S3E06

“Motel California” is one of the most beloved episodes of Teen Wolf. It’s got some dark and depressing subject matter, but it’s also got some of the most powerful performances in the show.

Stuck at a motel overnight on their way to a lacrosse game, the Beacon Hills students started hallucinating thanks to being dosed with wolfsbane. While Lydia heard the voices of those who died at the motel, Scott gave in to depression. Standing in a puddle of gasoline, he held a road flare, prepared to light himself up because he blamed himself for everyone he cared about getting hurt. Stiles stepped into the gasoline with him, explaining to Scott that they were brothers for the first time on the series. He told Scott he was going down with him. There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience when that episode aired.

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