Teen Wolf: 10 Things You Never Knew About Stiles Stilinski

With any successful and beloved TV show, every character is going to have their supporters and their naysayers. However, there is almost always one particular character who seems to be a general fan favorite. When it comes to the supernatural MTV series Teen Wolf, Stiles Stilinski is pretty undeniably that character.

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Stiles is one of the most well developed and heavily featured characters in the series, and there has been a lot of backstory as well as progress for his character throughout the show. Although Scott McCall is the lead of Teen Wolf, Stiles has gotten just as much attention and his character is probably the most complex on the show. But despite the fact that he has gotten so much coverage on Teen Wolf, there are undoubtedly things that you missed about Stiles Stilinski. So here are 10 things that you don't know about this fan fave.

10 Spelling His Name

Scott Comforts Stiles In The Hospital In Teen Wolf

The secrecy around Stiles Stilinski's real first name was drawn out for so long that it became one of the biggest mysteries and longest-running gags in the show. That is until eventually, Stiles' dad was the one to reveal what Stiles' real first name was, and it was readily apparent why it was a name he could never use.

It was a name young Stiles couldn't even pronounce (he adorably pronounced it "mischief"), and while it was interesting to hear the sheriff say it, it's definitely not a name that any American could spell by ear. His name is spelled Mieczysław, but it sounds kind of like mishy-slav.

9 He Learned A Lot From Daddy

Stiles and his dad have always had a really close bond, and that bond grew even deeper after they both tragically lost Stiles' mom. But even though Stiles is still just a teenager he seems to have picked up on a lot of skills and education through his relationship with Noah.

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Stiles seems to have a near-encyclopedic knowledge of the law just like his dad does, and he is the resident investigator and mystery solver for Scott McCall's pack. It's unclear whether or not that's a learned skill or an innate one, but it's something that he definitely shares in common with Papa Stilinski.

8 He'll Probably Follow In The Sheriff's Footsteps

The Teen Wolf series ends with all of its characters moving on in different directions but without any certain futures. However if Stiles' life decisions, skills, and passions are anything to go by then it seems like he's very interested in following in his dad's career footsteps. Actually, it seems like Stiles is aiming a little bit higher than becoming the sheriff of a small but especially supernaturally active small town.

When Teen Wolf came to it's close, Stiles was just arriving in Quantico, Virginia to begin an internship with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which we don't doubt he did excellently at.

7 He Gave Scott His Pack

Given that Scott McCall was a true alpha, it seems that Scott was both destined to become a werewolf and destined to become the leader of his very own pack. However, Stiles is really the person who created the McCall pack.

Aside from being one of the main recruiters for Scott's friends and followers, Stiles was the first one to put all of his faith in Scott's abilities. He also fell in line after him even up against great odds. Every alpha needs betas to make up their pack, and Stiles was the first person to be that for Scott.

6 His Mother Made A Lasting Impression On Him, Sometimes

It probably goes without saying that Stiles' mom had a huge impact on Stiles as a person. I mean, pretty much every person's mom is someone who has a massive amount of influence over their child, and everyone has very strong impressions and memories of their mother.

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However, Stiles also had a lot of traumatic experiences with his mom as a result of her illness and death. So while a lot of his memories of his mother inform who he now is as a person, he also has a lot of experiences with his mom that were so upsetting that he has blocked them out of his mind.

5 He Had To Say Goodbye To Her Alone

At first glance Stiles' sense of humor and levity doesn't seem like the kind of personality and behaviors of someone with a truly dark and frightening past would have, but Stiles is very good at hiding his deeper sides.

Losing his mom was hard for Stiles, just as it would be for anyone, but it was even harder than it needed to be in some ways. Namely that Stiles had to watch his mother die alone. When his mom was sick his father was still working, and when his mother passed away his dad was on the job, so Stiles had to deal with that horror all by himself.

4 His Jeep Was A Gift From His Mother

One of the most iconic and memorable things about Stiles, as well about Teen Wolf in general, is Stiles' classic blue Jeep. The Jeep has gotten the entire McCall pack into and out of a lot of different supernatural as well as very human dramas, and it's clear that the Jeep is very important to Stiles even if it's not always clear why.

Well, it's easy to understand why he's so attached to it now. The Jeep was actually a car that belonged to his mother, and before she died his mother made it known that she wanted him to have it once he was old enough to drive.

3 He's Quite The Skilled Thief

It's actually really interesting and an easy character trait to miss, but Stiles is actually a pretty exceptional thief and is great at sneakily snagging whatever he needs without anyone else being the wiser. But it's a little bit odd because in general Stiles seems like a very clumsy and over the top individual.

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Half the time he can't even walk into a room without making a massive spectacle of himself, but it would seem that this is more a choice of personal expression than a natural effect, or at the very least it's clear that he can switch it off when he really needs to.

2 His Nickname Wasn't Originally His

Seeing as Stiles' given name is a bit of a mouthful (actually such a mouthful that even he can barely pronounce it properly) it's not very surprising that he decided to choose a slightly easier nickname to go by. And it's clear where one might get the name "Stiles" from the last name Stilinski. However, Stiles isn't the first person in his family to go by the name Stiles Stilinski.

Stiles actually stole the nickname from his paternal grandfather, Elias Stilinski, who seems to have been the originator of the name Stiles. It's definitely a cool enough name to reuse, though.

1 Stiles Has The Highest Body Count In The Pack

Within the McCall pack, Stiles is obviously the main source of levity and comic relief, and he's also a human. However, Stiles is surprisingly the member of the McCall pack with the highest kill count of all. Obviously, Stiles isn't a homicidal maniac though, so the vast majority of the people and creatures that he has killed have been in self-defense.

The rest of his kills were done while he was possessed by the Nogitsune, so while it was technically his body doing that dirty work it's hard to say that he's actually responsible for all that death and destruction.

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