SDCC 2015: 'Teen Wolf' Renewed For Season 6

Without a doubt, it can be said that Teen Wolf has been the show that’s made MTV a force to be reckoned with after years of swimming in the pool varying quality that is reality television. However, with Teen Wolf's cast getting up there in age, its creator confirmed to be taking on a new project at another network and the successful launch of a new horror themed series in the same summer season, it’s starting to be a wonder of how much longer the teen skewing network plans on keeping the show around.

That said, it seems the clock isn’t winding down for the series just yet. At the San Diego Comic-Con panel for Teen Wolf today, creator Jeff Davis announced to the world that MTV had picked up the show for a new season, bringing to the new count to six.

Currently in the midst of what appears to be its most complex season yet, there are two runs of ten episodes set for this season – one now, and one next winter. Ultimately, this seems to be a pattern with Teen Wolf these days. Seasons 1 and 2 were standard orders of 12 episodes each and season 3 was a split season of 24 episodes that consisted of two runs of 12 a piece. Season 4 was another standard order of 12, and the current season is a split run again. At this point, we don’t know how many episodes of the show have been ordered for next season. We just know that it’s coming.

Looping back to the age issue, there’s now the question of whether season 6 of Teen Wolf is going to be the show’s last. While the core cast will still technically be teenagers for two more years beyond graduation, it’s hard to see the show existing outside the confines of Beacon Hills High. Sure, Buffy did it, but Buffy was an exception more than a rule.

Davis may be able to stretch the senior year of his core group into season 6, but he most certainly won’t be able to do it for a potential season 7. Also, given the typical life-span of genre shows is usually somewhere between 5-7 seasons, it seems like calling things to a close at the end of next year may not be a terrible call.

Right now, the show is running on a creative high that only appears to be getting stronger. The last thing we should want is for the show to lose that power by dragging itself out for too long. It’s not that we want the show to go, it’s just that now seems like the time for it to do so if it wants to leave everyone on a high note when all is said and done.

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10pm on MTV.

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