Teen Wolf Producer on What to Expect from the Series Finale

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Teen Wolf is one of those series that became an instant success with viewers upon its initial release back in 2011. Of course, all good things have to come to an end and it was revealed earlier this year that the series would be coming to a close following its sixth season and after 100 episodes.

Now, producer Jeff Davis has spoken about his surprise at how long the show has lasted. He also hinted in a new interview that he’ll be leaving an open ending for fans with the final batch of Teen Wolf episodes.

Here is what David offered Forbes, on that matter:

“I can tell you, quite honestly, I’ve never had a clue when the show was going to end. We write each season finale as a series finale, every timeout. I really thought the show was over in season five and wrote five twenty to be a series end. Then, they surprised me and said ‘Yeah, we want twenty more.’ I was like ‘Okay.’ We came up with some ideas.

“I always think that this show is best told as a… In my head, the best ending is always ‘and the adventure continues…’ kind of ending, that you don’t wrap it up in too neat a bow, you always leave threads to have the audience wondering what happens next.”

Davis also spoke about how the final season has been framed, along with some of the crew’s hopes and desires for the last collection of episodes:

“As it is the last season, our last twenty episodes, we wanted to really honor the characters in a certain way and write a story that got to the heart of what each character meant to each other.”

“It’s two story lines that are very much connected. That’s all I'll tease about that.”

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Having reached out to former members of the cast to return for the Teen Wolf series finale, Davis also explained how he could see Teen Wolf returning at some point in the future, whether that’s on the big screen or via other means:

“I’ve reached out to more than one person. Whether schedules and availability and desire allows for it, we’ll see. There’s one person I’m hopeful to get, I will say.”

“Tyler Posey and I have always joked about how much fun it would be to do a Teen Wolf movie. I could definitely see something like that happening down the road, but right now, there are no plans beyond these hundred episodes.”

Davis’ words about the finale being left opening could be worrying for some fans. Producers always risk upsetting the fans if they don’t tie up all of their show’s loose ends, and with such huge loyalty from the fan base for so many years, that would be a disappointing way to end the series.

On the other hand, if there’s the chance for a movie in the future, those threads that are left open could be revisited and taken on to tell a story not entirely unique from the original Teen Wolf series. Whatever the case may be, Davis is promising an intriguing and mesmerising final outing for all willing to see this journey through to its end.

Teen Wolf’s sixth and final season premieres Tuesday, November 15 at 9pm on MTV.

Source: Forbes

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