'Teen Wolf' Season 2 Trailer - Instinct Takes Over

Teen Wolf 2 TV

MTV’s supernatural thriller Teen Wolf is clawing its way back for a second season this summer. Returning Sunday, June 3, for the first of a two-hour season premiere, Teen Wolf will continue the next night at its regular Monday night time slot. Can't wait a whole month? Take a sneak peek of the action packed new season above.

In what’s shaping up to be MTV’s answer to The Vampires Diaries, Teen Wolf started off with an ordinary kid, Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), who soon takes a walk on the wild side after his fateful encounter with what he thought was just a big dog.

Now Scott must navigate Beacon Hills High School, parents and other teen drama all while searching for a cure to his furry affliction and staying out of a war between werewolves and the humans that hunt them—which happens to include his would be girlfriend, Allison (Crystal Reed).

The Teen Wolf season 1 finale saw Scott’s werewolf mentor Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) ascending to the rank of Alpha of the pack. Season two is expected to deliver even more bite, with Derek building his lycan ranks - essentially leaving Scott on his own to figure out his werewolf components and search for a cure. The lives of Scott’s friends will also change as Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) becomes even more entangled in werewolf affairs and Allison trains to become more involved in the family business: werewolf hunting.

Teen Wolf 2 TV

Joining Teen Wolf season 2 will be former Battlestar Galactica star Michael Hogan as Allison's bad-ass werewolf hunter grandfather, Gerard, who will attempt to bring her deeper into the family fold. Stephen Lunsford (Bratz) has been cast as Matt, a teenage photographer with an artistic eye for Allison, and will compete with Scott for her affections. Daniel Sharman also joins the cast as Isaac, a troubled member of the lacrosse team, who will receive a "unique gift" from he new Alpha, Derek. Gage Golightly (The Troop) will play the first female werewolf in Derek's pack and a potential love interest.

Rounding out the new season 2 cast is Bianca Lawson (who portrayed the ill-fated vampire slayer Kendra on Buffy). Lawson has been cast as the school Guidance Counselor, Ms. Morrell, which grant it may not sound that interesting, but when has a TV guidance counselor JUST been a guidance counselor?


Sink your teeth into Teen Wolf season 2 when it returns June 3rd on MTV

Source:  EW

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