Teen Wolf: 10 Worst Things Scott McCall Has Ever Done

In Teen Wolf, Scott McCall was the golden boy. He wasn’t a born werewolf but was certainly born to lead. After getting the werewolf bite, Scott adapted to his new abilities so quickly that he became a True Alpha by season three. That meant his sheer force of will turned him into a pack leader. It also meant nearly every supernatural creature looked up to him for his moral fiber and perseverance.

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Despite that moral fiber, Scott still made his share of horrible decisions, just like any other hero, during Teen Wolf’s run. Some of the worst things he did in the series even stemmed from conflicts with his own morals. 

10 Scott Didn’t Join Derek’s Pack

Isaac Erica And Derek Recruit Boyd In Teen Wolf Season 2

When Teen Wolf began, Scott McCall and Derek Hale were all about figuring out who the Alpha was that terrorized Beacon Hills. Once Derek eliminated the threat and gained Alpha status, however, Scott refused to join Derek’s pack. Derek decided to create a new pack to help him stop the supernatural threats - and hunters - in Beacon Hills.

Scott joining up with Derek wouldn’t have meant they wouldn’t need to grow their pack numbers, but it might have led to a little less tragedy. With the two on the same side, Boyd, Erica, and Isaac wouldn’t have been at odds with Scott so often. Perhaps, their experience as werewolves wouldn’t have been so traumatic. They also could have all worked out that Lydia wasn’t the kanima in season two before Derek sent his pack after her. All Scott had to do was stick with him.

9 He Made Out With Lydia

Lydia And Scott In Teen Wolf Episode Bad Moon Rising

Fans can chalk this up to the existence of the full moon. Its influence was especially powerful over new werewolves. One of Scott’s earliest experiences with the full moon coincided with Lydia attempting to gain access to the newest star player on the lacrosse team. Though she wouldn’t be interested in Scott later, she did make a point of always dating the best athletes - like Jackson.

While more aggressive and not thinking about the consequences, Scott had a makeout session with Lydia in the coach’s office. The two never talked about it again, though Allison and Stiles were hurt by their actions.

8 He Trusted The Bad Guys

Derek And Peter In Teen Wolf

There’s an exchange between Scott and Stiles in the series in which Scott wants to know why Stiles never trusts anyone. Stiles responded, “because you trust everyone!” Truer words about Scott were never spoken.

While a lot is made about his True Alpha status making him unique, Scott had a bad habit of trusting the exact people he shouldn’t. Peter, Gerard, Deucalion, Jennifer, Theo, and more all had Scott’s trust - and usually more than once. Scott could be betrayed repeatedly, and he’d still align himself with the same villains again, despite the warnings from his friends.

7 Scott Tried To Control Allison’s Love Life

The close-knit group of friends that became Scott’s pack all had a pretty odd attachment to one another’s love lives. Lydia and Jackson frequently tried to control who their friends dated. Scott, surprisingly, did as well when it came to his ex-girlfriend.

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At one point, when Scott could tell Isaac was interested in Allison, he threw the other werewolf up against a wall. It’s all well and good for Scott to be worried about his friends, but further intimidating an abuse survivor wasn’t his best move.

6 Scott Didn’t Let Ethan And Aiden In

Aiden In Teen Wolf

Though Scott made a point of trusting so many villains on the series, he couldn’t bring himself to give Ethan and Aiden a second chance. When the Alpha pact dissolved as a result of the deaths of Ennis and Kali, Deucalion left Beacon Hills behind. He also left the twins, believing them dead.

Ethan and Aiden wanted to become part of Scott’s pack. They both had friends amongst its members, and both felt guilty about their roles in Boyd’s death. While Aiden was more of a claws-first-talk-later kind of guy, Ethan became much more cautious. If Scott had been willing to give the two of them a second chance, the pack would have been stronger overall. Strength increases with the unity between members, after all. Accepting them instead of keeping them at arm’s length might have prevented Aiden’s death.

5 He Kidnapped Liam

Stiles Finds Out Scott Kidnapped Liam In Teen Wolf

Scott wasn’t a great planner. He might have been the leader, but most of his strategy came from Stiles. The few times he acted without Stiles knowing led to some pretty awful choices. The aftermath of giving Liam the bite was one of them.

Instead of attempting to talk to Liam - or apologize to him for biting him - Scott decided to forcibly take Liam to his house and tie him up in his bathroom. Scott only made Liam trust him less with his actions, creating a divide between the Alpha and his first true beta.

4 He Made Everyone Else’s Choices For Them

Scott was incredibly self-righteous before he ever became an Alpha. Despite being a teenager who made a lot of mistakes, Scott always seemed to think he was in the right. Scott’s moral high ground could leave everyone else underwater.

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Yes, it’s good to have a hero who has a conscience. Scott, however, didn’t seem to understand that a difference existed between doing bad things for fun and doing bad things for good reasons. That was especially true when it came to things like killing in self-defense or preventing a sociopath from gaining power. It was also true when it came to things like giving someone the bite. Scott only wanted to do things on his terms; he was never ready to accept someone else making decisions or compromising with them.

3 He Believed Theo Over Stiles

Theo And His Chimera Pack In Teen Wolf

Stiles was Scott’s oldest friend. They treated each other like family long before Stiles was considered part of Scott’s pack. Why then wouldn’t Scott give Stiles even a chance to explain himself when Theo branded Stiles a murderer?

Stiles accidentally killed Donovan, though it was self-defense. Scaffolding fell on Donovan, impaling him, while Stiles was trying to escape. Theo made it sound like Stiles purposely bashed his head in when recounting the story to Scott. Though Stiles tried to explain, Scott wouldn’t listen, and it drove a wedge between them.

2 Scott Passed Judgment On His Friends’ Choices

This particular action will be of no surprise to those following along so far. In addition to trying to make decisions for everyone, when he didn’t get the chance to, Scott judged them for the choices they did make.

The fox in Kira trying to kill an enemy? That fox was automatically deemed evil. Stiles killing a supernatural creature in self-defense? It was Stiles’ fault, and he should feel guilty. Malia’s animal instincts wanting to rip the face off of someone who repeatedly betrayed them? No, Malia, retribution for betrayal is wrong. Liam deciding to make his own decisions to help his friends since Scott encouraged him to step up? He decided Liam shouldn’t make decisions without him. Scott had some serious issues when it came to judging people.

1 He Refused To Get His Hands Dirty

Tyler Poesy As Scott McCall For Teen Wolf

Going hand in hand with Scott repeatedly passing judgment on his friends was his unwillingness to do the bad things. Scott repeatedly refused to take the life of an enemy or do anything he personally decided was wrong. Now, fans want their heroes to have a moral compass. The issue is that Scott still refused to end the life of a supernatural being even when they were killing everyone in their path. He also frequently manipulated other people into doing it for him, so he could then further judge them.

It started in the first season when Scott refused to kill Peter even after the Alpha turned him and tried to make him into a murderer. Instead, he let Derek do it. In fact, Scott frequently had Derek around to do the dirty work for him and then decided that Derek wasn’t fit to be his own Alpha. It happened over and over in the course of the series. 

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