Teen Wolf: 10 Things Only Superfans Know About Scott McCall

Scott McCall is the main character on MTV's hit show, Teen Wolf. These are 10 little-known facts about everyone's favorite True Alpha werewolf.

Average teenager by day, saving Beacon Hills from supernatural threats by night, Scott McCall is the title character of MTV’s Teen Wolf. For six seasons, Tyler Posey brought him to life. The audience watched him grow from an awkward 16-year-old who couldn’t even get time on the lacrosse field into the most trusted of Alpha werewolves. 

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Scott’s sheer force of will didn’t just transform him into a powerful Alpha. It also had him working harder in school, opening up more about his feelings, and giving people a chance to prove themselves better. Though he could sometimes be judgmental, he was a true hero on a journey to learn what being a leader really meant. While everyone was watching him grow up and face down supernatural enemies, there are a few things they might have missed.

10 Scott Is The Only Character To Appear In Every Teen Wolf Episode

This particular bit of information might seem obvious since Scott is the titular Teen Wolf. He wasn’t the only main character, though, and that made it possible for him to miss an episode — though Tyler Posey never did. Though Scott McCall appeared in every episode of the show, he’s not the only character to make it through the entire six season run of the series. 

9 His Tattoo Was Tyler Posey’s

Scott Fighting His Werewolf Instincts With His Tattoo On Display In Teen Wolf

When Scott decided to get a tattoo in the series, he discovered that it didn’t exactly come easily to werewolves. It healed just as soon as he had it completed. The two armbands that he eventually had Derek help him make permanent just came to Scott, something he kept drawing. It appeared to symbolize the nemeton’s tree rings, and eventually became the symbol of Scott’s pack. There was, however, a practical reason for its appearance.

Tyler Posey actually has a few different tattoos. The bands on his arm were more visible and required a lengthy makeup process to stay hidden. Allowing Scott to have the bands as a tattoo eliminated some of Posey’s time in the makeup chair.

8 He’s The Only Member Of His Pack Who Doesn’t Drive

Scott And Stiles In The Jeep In Teen Wolf

If fans paid attention throughout the series, they might have noticed something surprising. Scott spends the first season of the series getting around on a bike. Either Stiles or Allison drive him around over the next two seasons. He also gets a motorized bike eventually, though it’s not a motorcycle like Braeden’s or Ethan’s. 

As the series progressed, fans spent time in cars with Kira, Lydia, Jackson, and even Malia behind the wheel. Scott is the only member of his own pack to not drive a car. The easiest explanation in-universe is that Melissa McCall likely can’t afford a separate car for Scott. She also works so often that it wouldn’t be practical for Scott to be the one using her car.

7 Scott Has Never Used His Alpha Roar On His Own Beta

Liam And Scott In Teen Wolf Season 6

The Alpha roar isn’t just a regular howl from a werewolf. Instead, there’s power behind it. It can be used to alert the pack to a threat or scare a beta into submission. Once Scott achieved his True Alpha status, he did use the roar — but never on his own betas.

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Scott used the roar for the first time to scare Ethan and Aiden. The two wanted to be in his pack, but they never made it official. He also used it to force Malia to shift when she was living life as a coyote. At the time, the two didn’t know one another and she wasn’t a member of his pack. 

Scott’s only true betas, Liam and Hayden, never experienced the full force of Scott’s Alpha roar.

6 He Has Officially Died Twice

Allison Stiles And Scott Became Surrogate Sacrifices For Their Parents In Teen Wolf

In a supernatural series, death doesn’t always mean the end for a character. Peter Hale found a way to bring himself back to life; Jordan Parrish was resurrected by the hellhound who took over his body' Scott McCall and several of his friends also died.

Scott is the only member of his pack to undergo multiple resurrections. He died when he, Stiles and Allison became surrogate sacrifices to save the lives of their parents. In that instance, the trio knew there was a chance it would be permanent, but they all made it back to the land of the living.

Scott lost his life for the second time when Theo Raeken attacked him. Theo wanted Scott’s pack for himself, and he intended to have Liam kill Scott for him, but it didn’t work out. Melissa McCall managed to perform CPR on her son and bring him back.

The only other character on the series to be resurrected more than once is Jackson Whittemore. 

5 His Name Is Irish

Tyler Posey And Melissa Ponzio As Scott And Melissa McCall In Teen Wolf

When Teen Wolf was developed for MTV, its idea originated with the 1980s movie starring Michael J. Fox. Scott’s name was a holdover from the movie. Though Scott’s family has Latin roots, the name McCall is a variation of an Irish surname.

The name comes from the original “Mac Cathmhaoil.” Linguistic variations include McCall, MacCaull, and more. The Irish Gaelic meaning of the name is “battle chief,” likely a name gained by a family leader during a war. It’s a fitting name for a werewolf who frequently had to lead his friends into battle.

4 Scott Has Only Killed One Enemy

Scott McCall had his own code. No matter what an enemy threw at him, he never wanted to take a life. He was the kind of guy who always believed someone could be set on a new path in life. For that reason, Scott has one of the lowest kill counts of any of the main characters. 

Despite all of the dangerous situations Scott found himself in, he would do his best to simply incapacitate his enemies instead of killing them. There was only one exception in the entire Teen Wolf run — the Beast of Gevaudan. The battle with the beast marked the one and only time Scott believed his enemy was beyond redemption. 

3 He Briefly Lived With His Father

Given Scott’s issues with his father, it’s easy to assume that once his father moved out, there was no relationship between them at all. That’s not entirely true, though Scott would like everyone to believe that sometimes.

In the first season of the show, Peter Hale’s Alpha form attacked a bus driver. Scott recognized the bus driver because when he lived with his father, that driver was the one who drove Scott to school. Some time between Scott’s father moving out and joining an FBI field office in San Francisco, he also had his own place in Beacon Hills.

2 His Growls Are Not All Made By A Wolf

True Alpha Scott McCall In Teen Wolf

Scott’s wolf form can be pretty menacing when he wants it to be. But not all of the growls and howls are made by wolves. 

Instead, the show's sound team layered the sounds of a wolf over other animal sounds to make them appear even more dangerous. The sounds most often used? The grunts and growls of a gorilla, according to showrunner Jeff Davis. It’s a surprising choice, but it definitely worked out well.

1 Scott McCall Could Have Been Jacob Black

Before Tyler Posey became Scott McCall, he went on a lot of auditions. Many of those auditions wanted a certain look from actors, so he found himself auditioning alongside a lot of the same performers as well. One person he saw more than most was Taylor Lautner. The two became friends, hanging out in audition rooms whenever they crossed paths.

Lautner and Posey happened to cross paths on one very big project — Twilight. In fact, they both got to the final round of auditions, testing opposite Kristen Stewart. Posey only discovered Lautner got the role after meeting up with him at another audition and talking about what projects they’d been working on. Shortly after, Posey got his own chance to be a werewolf with Teen Wolf.

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