Teen Wolf: 10 Scott McCall Lines Everyone Can Relate To

Crystal Reed Tyler Poesy And Dylan OBrien For Teen Wolf Season One

Scott McCall went through quite the ordeal on Teen Wolf. A high schooler who was out in the woods in the middle of the night, he ended up bitten by a werewolf, and his whole world changed. While he spent a lot of his teenage years clueless to what other people wanted from him, he grew into a strong leader and an alpha werewolf.

Because Teen Wolf liked to balance its emotional content with plenty of humor, Scott’s most memorable lines are divided amongst the funny and the deep. Some of his most relatable words even came from places of anger and desperation. Regardless of whether fans enjoyed him at his funniest or his most emotional, they could relate to his time as the Teen Wolf.

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10 “My Mom Does All The Grocery Shopping.”

In the first season of the series, Scott McCall was a naive teenage boy who found himself with new abilities thanks to a werewolf bite. Scott’s newfound abilities were incredibly noticeable to those paying attention. Jackson was one of those people as he was jealous of Scott’s new role on the lacrosse team.

Jackson wanted to know where Scott got “his juice.” Scott, oblivious to what Jackson initially meant, replied, “my mom does all the grocery shopping!” It’s a humorous line, and plenty of fans remember it for how ridiculous it was, but it’s a perfect example of a miscommunication. How many times have we all thought someone meant one thing, and as a result, reacted completely differently?

9 “But We Lock The Front Door; He Wouldn’t Be Able To Get In.”

Dylan OBrien And Tyler Poesy As Stiles And Scott In Teen Wolf Season One

It’s true that not everyone has a friend they’re as close with as Scott was with Stiles in Teen Wolf. Also true is that all teenagers do things their parents don’t want them to do in the name of their friends. 

When Melissa McCall heard a noise in her house unexpectedly, she prepared for the worst, entering a room with her bat in hand. What she found was Stiles climbing through Scott’s window, prompting her to admonish Scott about leaving the windows open and unlocked, and arguing that Stiles needed to use the front door. At the time, like a lot of us when parental figures made a good point, Scott didn’t understand Melissa’s concern, only that she made it more difficult for him to hang out with his friend.

8 “Maybe I Should Just Be No One Again. No One At All.”

Teen Wolf Motel California S3E06

The season two episode “Motel California” took Teen Wolf to a dark place. While the show was known for violent confrontations, this episode went more psychological. In it, wolfsbane caused all of the werewolves on an overnight trip for the cross country team to hallucinate some of their darkest fears.

Scott saw his mother in danger as a result of his life as a werewolf, only furthering his guilt and feelings of inadequacy. He took one of the emergency flares from the school bus and prepared to end his life. Though Stiles talked him down, the “maybe I should be no one,” part of Scott’s speech certainly hit home with a lot of viewers who were experiencing their own struggles.

7 “I Can’t Believe You Just Mommed Me.”

Scott And Kira In Teen Wolf Season Three

A bit more light hearted of a quote, Scott said this to Kira when the two attended a party in Derek’s loft in season three. Kira used her licked thumb to remove paint from Scott’s cheek, and that was his response.

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While Kira certainly wasn’t the “mom friend” of the pack, this line is right at home for those who are the caregivers in their own friendships. There’s always that one person who makes sure everyone eats right, gets enough sleep, and has a good time on outings. Kira filled that role in the moment, making members of the audience nod in recognition.

6 “What’s Going On With Me? You Really Wanna Know? Well, So Would I!”

One of Scott’s iconic exchanges with Jackson from the first season, this quote is part of another conversation in which Jackson noticed the differences in Scott, even if everyone else in school turned a blind eye.

Jackson’s needling of Scott about his change caused Scott to blow up at him because he didn’t have all the answers. Just like so many of us when change or emotions become overwhelming for us, Scott didn’t have a way to satisfy Jackson’s line of questioning. Sometimes, people react to situations without having a reasonable explanation, and that’s okay.

5 “It’s Not Up To Them. It’s Up To You. You Have To Want This Because They’re Going To Keep Coming At You, They’re Going To Keep Knocking You Down, And You Have To Get Back Up.”

Liam And Scott In Teen Wolf Season 6

This particular quote provides advice to Scott’s young beta Liam late in the series. While it’s specifically in reference to Liam’s trouble with the lacrosse team, it translates well to everyday life. 

Liam wanted to be the one to step up and lead in Beacon Hills once Scott graduated. The trouble was, it seemed that no one else was interested in what he thought. Liam didn’t want to try because he believed no one else wanted him to. Scott’s words were a reminder to Liam that he couldn’t let other people stop him from doing something. For Liam, it was trying out to become captain of the lacrosse team. But in reality, it could be anything.

4 “People That I Thought Would Be With Me Forever Are The Ones That I Lost. People That I Thought That I Could Never Trust Ended Up Saving My Life.”

Allison Dies In Scotts Arms On Teen Wolf

Not everyone lives as dangerous of a life as Scott McCall. They don’t have to wonder whether or not someone will cut their life short. That being said, Scott’s sentiment in the series finale is still relatable.

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Scott’s quote speaks to life as ever changing. Like a lot of young people experiencing love for the first time, Scott believed he and Allison would be in each other’s lives forever. That didn’t happen. People he didn’t trust, like Peter Hale, ended up being one of his strongest allies several times. Life throws curveballs at you, and Scott understood that.

3 “I Swear, If We Make It Back Alive, I Will Watch The Movie.”

Most friendships build on a foundation of similar interests. Sometimes, however, there are certain things that one friend loves and another has no familiarity with. In the case of Scott and Stiles, it was Star Wars. Stiles’ Star Wars references were lost on Scott.

Scott repeatedly told Stiles he’d get around to watching the movies before the events of the series even began, as evident by Stiles’ frustration with him. He then promised that he would watch the movies once they survived their next big conflict. We might not have to survive a big fight to get to the next movie, but we all have that one friend (or are that friend) who promises to watch/read/listen to something their friend loves, but never quite manage to find the time.

2 “Life Can’t Ever Be All Bad Or All Good. You Know, Eventually Things Have To Come Back To The Middle.”

Tyler Poesy As Scott McCall For Teen Wolf

Everyone might not be able to relate to this particular quote, but it’s certainly one line from Scott that is important for the audience to remember.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, or like the more trivial events in life are actually a matter of life and death. Bad moments and life can feel like they’ll never end. The highest highs and the lowest lows all pass. Scott recognized that in the series, as did actor Tyler Posey in real life. Just because things were really bad didn’t mean they had to stay that way. Likewise, the really good moments in life needed to be enjoyed while you could.

1 “We Can Try. We Can Always Try.”

Scott And Stiles In Teen Wolf Season 3

In season three, it seemed like the core trio of Scott, Stiles, and Allison were losing their minds. Their experience with pseudo sacrificing themselves for their parents made life a little harder for them. They all experienced nightmares and hallucinations. They each had to find a way to ground themselves in reality.

For Stiles, it was particularly difficult as his mind was also under assault from the nogitsune. Before he knew that, he broke down, ranting at Scott about how they couldn’t help anyone if they couldn’t distinguish reality from fiction. Scott’s response was true for an alpha werewolf, a friend, and someone just trying to keep moving forward: we can always try.

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