Teen Wolf: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind (And 5 They Rejected)

Relationships can be intense when you’re in high school and that’s especially true when you’re a werewolf, a banshee, or another supernatural creature. So it’s no surprise that relationships were a major focus of the TV show Teen Wolf, or that fans became highly invested in these pairings.

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Throughout the series, the characters formed many relationships, and fans were always there to share their feelings about which pairings they loved - and loathed - the most. In fact, fans even created some popular non-canon ships of their own. Here, we’re looking at the Teen Wolf relationships that fans supported as well as some they weren’t as enthusiastic about.

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It’s not so much that fans out and out rejected this relationship. But Kira was the first girl Scott got together with following the passing of his first girlfriend, Allison. As a result, this pairing was never as popular as it might have been otherwise.

Still, Scott and Kira had a lot in common. Despite the fact that he was a werewolf and she was a kitsune and, therefore, they weren’t supposed to get along, they both went through something similar when they discovered their supernatural powers. As a result, they understood one another in a way few others could.


Teen Wolf Stiles And Malia

While they don’t have as fervent a fan following as some of the other characters Stiles was paired with, Stiles and Malia have received their fair share of fan love. In their own separate ways, neither Stiles nor Malia fits in, which is why they fit so well together.

Their quirky perspectives on the world were complementary. Plus, Stiles helped Malia learn to be a person after spending most of her formative years as a coyote. Meanwhile, Malia showed Stiles that he could be happy with someone besides Lydia.


Just like the coupling of Scott and Kira, fans didn’t so much reject Allison and Isaac as feel it simply couldn’t compare to Allison's first relationship with Scott. In fact, because of the chemistry between Isaac and Scott, many a fan thought that Scott, Allison, and Isaac would work best as a thruple.

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Things didn’t end up going that way on the show, however, and even though these two had some cute moments together, their pairing was cut tragically short. After spending a long time going from enemies to tentative friends to romantic partners, Allison met her fate while protecting Isaac.


Allison Dies In Scotts Arms On Teen Wolf

Scott and Allison were the quintessential star-crossed couple. He was a recently-turned werewolf and she was from a family of committed werewolf hunters. Yet, they were one another's first loves. And like many first loves, their time together was especially meaningful to both of them — and to Teen Wolf fans.

Even though they eventually broke up, the two managed to remain friends. And when Allison met her end, she was content to go in Scott’s arms. Scott and Allison were one of the most epic pairings on the show, and that’s why many fans continued to ship Allison and Scott, long after Allison was gone.


Teen Wolf Lydia And Jackson

The pairing of Jackson and Lydia from early in the series often stood as a counterpoint to Scott and Allison. While they definitely cared for each other, that was often buried underneath other issues. Jackson was insecure and angry and would often take things out on Lydia. Meanwhile, Lydia’s investment in Jackson seemed to hinge on his alpha-maleduring status.

Both were preoccupied with maintaining their popularity while hiding other parts of their personalities. It wasn’t until they broke up and embraced who they really were that they developed a strong and genuine friendship.


Scott Comforts Stiles In The Hospital In Teen Wolf

Everyone dreams of having a friendship like the one between Scott and Stiles. The kind where even when you get turned into an out of control werewolf, your bestie reacts by offering to chain you up and feed you mice during the full moon. That’s the kind of relationship Scott and Stiles have. And that’s why their relationship was the heart of Teen Wolf, especially in its earlier seasons.

The relationship never developed into a romance during the series. Yet the bromance between Scott and Stiles was so strong, many fans appreciated their friendship just as much as their favorite couples.


Teen Wolf Liam And Hayden

The characters of Liam and Hayden weren’t introduced until the second half of Teen Wolf. The inclusion of Liam and his friends created a new, younger set of characters for the series to develop, and the addition of Hayden as a love interest for Liam was part of that.

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Yet, this pair could never hold a candle to many of the couples fans had already come to know and love. In comparison, Liam and Hayden came across as far less interesting.


Stiles and Lydia were teased from the very beginning of the series. Although Lydia barely seemed to notice Stiles, Stiles had harbored a crush on Lydia for a very long time. And as they developed an affectionate friendship, the duo became the ultimate will-they/won’t they couple of Teen Wolf.

The slow-burn of the relationship drew many fans in. Especially as both characters matured and their connection continued to deepen, the ship earned a passionate following.


Teen Wolf Kate And Derek

Fandoms sometimes champion a show’s most toxic relationships, but that wasn’t the case for Teen Wolf fans. At first glance, Derek and Kate appear to be similar to Scott and Allison. Just like Scott and Allison, Derek was a werewolf and Kate was a werewolf hunter. Yet, Kate was far more committed to her mission than anything else, including Derek. And Derek and his family suffered greatly as a result.

Even after Kate turned into a supernatural creature herself, she continued to hurt Derek. Although Kate appeared to maintain a questionable interest in Derek, Derek had long-since learned that Kate was irredeemable.


The couple of Stiles and Derek was created by Teen Wolf fans. Despite their non-canon status, however, they're many fans’ one true pairing. The fervor for this ship has everything to do with the pair’s love/hate relationship on the show. Especially at the beginning of the series, Stiles and Derek were Scott’s biggest supporters. As a result, they spent a lot of time together and that highlighted their unique dynamic.

While those involved with the show were aware of the fandom’s support for the pairing and could even be accused of queer-baiting, that never took away from fans’ enjoyment of the ship. Ultimately, even though it wasn’t made canon on the show, this couple will continue to live on in Teen Wolf fanfiction.

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