Teen Wolf: 5 Reasons Scott & Allison Were Better Than Stiles & Lydia (And 5 Why Stydia Are Better)

Over the six years, fans loved the relationships between Scallison and Stydia. But which couple is better? We find out.

Although Teen Wolf was riddled in mystery, the characters did find time to have a social life. When they weren't investigating the supernatural, fans saw the teens engage in several romances. Two of the most popular being the relationships between Scott (Tyler Posey) & Allison (Crystal Reed), and Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) & Lydia (Holland Roden).

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Both of these relationships progressed in different ways. Whilst 'Scallison' was quick and intense, 'Stydia' went down the slow-burn route. The question is: Which one is better? Here are 5 reasons in favor of Scallison and 5 for Stydia.

10 Pro Scallison: Allison gave Scott a chance

Scott and Allison have the edge on Stydia this time around as Allison gave Scott a chance. In the pilot episode, fans saw the pair immediately click when Scott gave her the pen. She was also intrigued by his skills on the lacrosse field. Allison didn't care that he wasn't popular as the pair ended up having their first date by the end of the episode.

On the other hand, Lydia didn't even acknowledge Stiles' existence as she was dating Jackson (Colton Haynes). She seemed more concerned with her reputation and remained with the in-crowd at school. Since Stiles and Scott rode the bench most games, they were classed as outsiders. She wouldn't acknowledge him until "Formality."

9 Pro Stydia: Stiles and Lydia had an emotional tether

Allison may have been Scott's anchor, but it was a huge kick to the gut for Scallison fans when "Alpha Pact" revealed she had a stronger emotional tether to Isaac (Daniel Sharman). However, Stydia fans all cheered when Deaton recognized the connection between Stiles and Lydia, deciding she would be the one to help bring him back.

This was the first time fans got to see some form of feelings on Lydia's part, who hadn't expressed as much interest in Stiles as he did with her. It was quite a significant moment in their relationship as it provided fans with the hope that they would get together eventually.

8 Pro Scallison: Allison was Scott's anchor

This can be applied to both couples but Allison being Scott's anchor was more meaningful as it helped him to control his wolf. When Scott spent the majority of season 1 trying to come to terms with his supernatural self, Allison's presence helped to keep him calm.

She saved him from wolfing-out in a class by holding his hand ("Heart Monitor"); her heartbeat stopped him from turning when he got beat up ("Heart Monitor") and he returned to his normal self when she kissed him in the episode "Code Breaker". Lydia may have been able to stop Stiles' panic attack but you have to admit one thing; Scott must have really loved Allison for her to calm his wolf.

7 Pro Stydia: Lydia was the first to remember Stiles

Season 6 contained the scariest of villains when the Ghost Riders were able to erase people from existence, including Stiles. The riders managed to erase all the memories his family and friends had of him, taking him to an alternate dimension. However, before Stiles was taken, he managed to get a final farewell in with Lydia.

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The connection between Stiles and Lydia was stronger than ever, with the banshee being the last person to forget Stiles. She is also the first person to figure out that Stiles was missing, with her subconscious being the only one to remember his name. Unsurprisingly, she was the only one who managed to bring him back and save him from the riders again.

6 Pro Scallison: Their first "I love you" exchange

Both couples shared a beautiful moment, but Scott and Allison's exchange was much more meaningful at the time. Season 1 saw the teenage couple ripped apart by Allison's family as they found out Scott's werewolf status. Kate (Jill Wagner) was determined to rid Beacon Hills of all werewolves, including Scott and Derek (Tyler Hoechlin).

Allison agreed to help her aunt capture them, but was reluctant to kill Scott. When Scott managed to save her from the Alpha (Ian Bohen), she was touched that he continued to put himself in harm's way for her. Allison then showed Scott that she accepted his werewolf status, refusing to let him turn away from her. She even kissed him when he was in wolf form. It was a huge step as Scott believed he was a monster.

5 Pro Stydia: The foundation of friendship

Many tv shows have demonstrated that the most successful relationships flourish after years of friendship. The Office's Jim & Pam, Friends' Chandler & Monica and Smallville's Clark & Lois have all proven this. Teen Wolf looked to be adding to this list with Stiles & Lydia.

Let's be honest, Scott and Allison were never friends and they never would be; there was too much history between them. However, Stiles and Lydia had managed to create a strong friendship where the duo became each other's confidants. Their investigative partnership allowed Stiles and Lydia to see how well they clicked, which inevitably helped to strengthen their romance in the future.

4 Pro Scallison: How much they loved one another

Scott and Allison's relationship was like one found in a romance novel; it may have escalated quickly but it was deep and meaningful all the same. This was most obvious in the episodes "Frenemy" and "Master Plan" when fans realize how committed the pair was to the relationship.

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In "Frenemy" the hunter tells Lydia that Scott wasn't "just a boyfriend" and she couldn't picture a life without him. When she asks Lydia if she has ever felt that way before, the banshee denies it. Scott also believed the couple would end up together after everything ("Master Plan"). Fans never really got to see this develop between Stiles and Lydia as their relationship didn't start till season 6.

3 Pro Stydia: Never kept secrets from one another

Stiles and Lydia had a healthier relationship than Scallison as they never kept any secrets from one another; Scott and Allison's relationship was full of them. All of season 1 showed Scott keeping secrets Allison and fans may remember Allison keeping her fair share in season 2. It wasn't surprising that they broke up at the end of that season.

Stiles and Lydia had learned to trust one another. When Lydia was introduced to the supernatural world, the pair would often team up together. Obviously, they were the smartest of the two but they would always go to each other if they found something suspicious. She may have denied it, but Lydia did find Stiles' presence comforting.

2 Pro Scallison: Always drawn together

Scott and Allison were like magnets; no matter how far apart you pulled them, they seemed to find their way back to one another. The teens continued their relationship even though her family forbade it; when they began to see other people, there was still an underlying tension between them. Even in death, nothing could keep them apart.

The last time fans thought they would see Allison was when she confessed her love for Scott before she died ("Insatiable"). So imagine their surprise when she turned up in the episode "Apotheosis" to save the day again as Sebastien (Gilles Marini) accessed Scott's memories. Their relationship proved to be transcendental as Scott visited the library to pay tribute to the hunter afterward.

1 Pro Stydia: They were Endgame

With Allison dying near the end of season 3, it made it impossible for Scallison to be endgame. However, Stiles and Lydia proved themselves to be the show's OTP when they decided to make a go of their relationship.

Stiles and Lydia made their relationship official in the episode "Riders on the Storm" when the banshee admitted her love for Stiles. They spend a couple of months trying long-distance, with Lydia attending MIT and Stiles at Quantico. Yet, circumstances see the pair drawn back together when the pack needs his help to destroy the Anuk-Ite. Stiles and Lydia are last seen happily walking into the distance together with the rest of their friends ("The Wolves of War").

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