10 Things That Make No Sense In Teen Wolf

Most people wouldn't expect MTV to come out with the most fun and most intriguing supernatural teen drama since Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but then came Teen Wolf. This TV show (clearly inspired by the Michael J. Fox film of the same name) was a fun, thrilling, and heartfelt story about Scott McCall and his ragtag "pack" of friends, as they try to survive the supernatural world they suddenly find themselves thrust into.

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Teen Wolf actually did a brilliant job of incorporating real-life mythology from around the world into their story, and when it came to integrating their characters into that in a meaningful and heartfelt way, they did a really great job too. However, Teen Wolf was not without its flaws. Like most TV shows that are extraordinarily ambitious with their storytelling, Teen Wolf had its moments where certain plot twists or character decisions just did not make a lick of sense.

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10 Why Did The Nogitsune Need The Oni?

Let's be real, the whole Japanese mythology story line on Teen Wolf was probably the coolest and most interesting tale the TV show ever told. The Oni, a deadly squad of Japanese demon warriors that seem borderline unstoppable were a really interesting addition to the show.

While the whole plot line of the Oni being designed to hunt down the Nogitsune (and then the Nogitsune taking control of them for himself) was a really fun twist, it's kind of weird that the Nogitsune didn't just destroy the Oni, especially if it's that easy to wrest control of them from whoever has that control now.

9 Why Did Scott Selectively Flex His Alpha Status?

Scott McCall's status as a true alpha seemed to imbue him with a lot of extra supernatural werewolf abilities that most werewolves (even other alphas) didn't seem to have. For example, Scott seems to be exceptionally good at roaring other werewolves into submission. Other alphas can do this, of course, but no-one seems to have nearly the success rate as Scott does.

However, when Scott is dealing with an out of control beta werewolf, he seems to only employ his extra strong submission powers when it's convenient for the plot. If it's more interesting to have a wolf running wild, then he does nothing.

8 Why Don't Alpha Eyes Change?

The mythology behind werewolf eye color in Teen Wolf is specific, but it doesn't necessarily make a whole lot of sense. Betas typically have either golden yellow eyes or blue eyes, and their eye color depends on whether or not they've taken an innocent person's life. They start out with yellow eyes, but if they kill an innocent, their eyes often turn to an icy blue hue.

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However, alpha wolves always appear to have red eyes, and it's unclear why there is no distinction there. There is also no color variation between a regular alpha or a true alpha, and there's really no explanation why.

7 What Was Up With Kira's Mom's Age?

While Kira Yukimura's mother Noshiko appears like your average middle-aged mom, she is in fact a kitsune that is nearly a thousand years old by the time the audience meets her. We see chunks of her story in flashbacks as well as in the current timeline, but there's a pretty bizarre discrepancy there that the show never addresses.

In most of Noshiko's flashback scenes, she appears to be a young woman. Somehow, for the first eight or nine centuries of her life, Noshiko aged to about the appearance of a teen or twentysomething. Then, in the intervening seventy years, she appeared to age more than twice that.

6 Why Was Cora's Existence So Confusing?

Cora Hale is Derek Hale's younger sister, who her entire surviving family presumed died in the fire that killed most of the Hales. She returns six-ish years later (maybe?) as a teenage girl, and she reveals that in the years since the fire she has been holed up in South America.

So, in case anyone is confused, a girl who was probably a tween when her entire family died managed to survive the fire, told no-one, then took off to another continent for years. Somehow, she not only manages to survive and accomplish all of this, she doesn't seem to think that this situation warrants any further explanation.

5 And Why Was Derek So Nonplussed About Her Return?

Cora's backstory in Teen Wolf was weird enough, but Derek's reaction to the whole situation makes it ten times weirder. Derek certainly seems glad to see his sister and seems surprised that she's not dead, but he doesn't seem nearly as happy or surprised as you would expect.

Granted, there are a lot of problems that need to be handled at the time when Cora returns to Beacon Hills, but even extenuating circumstances can't wipe away the fact that Derek seems to barely care that his long dead sister is back.

4 Why Would Kate's Plan To Make Derek Younger Work?

Kate Argent's idea about transforming Derek back into his younger self so that he'll trust her is one of her more bizarre and confusing plans. Yes, she turned Derek back into the version of himself that trusted Kate, but... wouldn't he have questions?

Wouldn't he be a little suspicious that Kate appear to have aged between half a decade and a decade? Wouldn't he be suspicious of literally everything else as well?

3 Why Did Isaac Just Vanish?

Okay, so Isaac vanished because the actor who played him wanted to leave the show, but the canon explanation for his abrupt departure and permanent absence seemed a little odd. The loss of Allison was devastating to everyone, but frankly Isaac shouldn't have been nearly as upset as people like Scott, Lydia, or Stiles.

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After suffering a lifetime of abuse from his horrible father, it seemed like Isaac was developing a real bond with Scott and the rest of his pack. So, why exactly would Isaac want to abandon his entire life and take off to the other side of the world with a man he barely knows?

2 Why Does Derek Kind Of Suck At Being A Werewolf?

Really, for being a natural born werewolf and growing up in a long dynasty of werewolves, you'd think that Derek would be a tad more informed about the werewolf life experience.

It's understandable that he wouldn't know absolutely everything about everything, but there seem to be a lot of problems or questions that the Teen Wolf wolves encounter throughout the series that Derek should understand and have some answers. For instance, even though Deaton is clearly meant to be kind of a supernatural spirit guide, it seems a little strange that he'd know things about werewolves that Derek wouldn't.

1 When Did The Hale Fire Actually Happen?

The fire at the Hale house that killed the majority of the Hale family is one of the most important pieces of mythology in the history of Teen Wolf, and that event influences events and developments for the entire duration of the series. Still, the show doesn't seem to want to decide when exactly the fire actually happened.

Throughout the show, there are two specific times that seem to be brought up the most: either the fire happened six years ago or ten years ago. However, the timeline went on to get so wonky that no matter which timeline you choose, that timespan creates some significant and confusing plot holes.

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