Teen Wolf: 10 Moments Where Melissa McCall Was Mom Goals

Stiles (Dylan O'Brien), Scott (Tyler Posey) and Lydia (Holland Roden); these are a few characters of Teen Wolf that quickly became fan favorites. However, there were several other characters who are often overlooked. One of them being Melissa McCall (Melissa Ponzio), Scott's mother who works as a nurse at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital.

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Melissa is one of the best parents you will ever see on a teen drama. She was a very hands-on mother, who closely monitors Scott's behavior, grades, and social life. She also became a very supportive role model for the pack, becoming a surrogate mother to Stiles and Isaac (Daniel Sharman) when they faced their toughest tribulations. Here are 10 moments that prove Melissa McCall was mom goals.

10 Noticing a difference in Scott's behavior (S1 Ep2 & Ep8)

Melissa has to be one of the best parents you will ever find. Of all the supernatural teen dramas seen, Melissa is shown to be the best hands-on parent as she instantly spots something wrong with her son. After Scott is still in the process of accepting the bite, he begins to act differently. Melissa first observes it in episode 2 when she notices there was something different with Scott's eyes.

Melissa also confides in Stiles about Scott's strange behavior, asking him if Scott is okay ("Lunatic"). She reveals that Scott hasn't been talking to her as much as he used to, which suggests the pair have a close bond.

9 Defending Scott against the Argents (S1 Ep5)

In the episode "The Tell", Melissa is seen attending the parent-teacher conference at Beacon Hills. She is unhappy to hear that Scott is failing many of his classes and had also failed to turn up to school. Melissa leaves him an angry voicemail, demanding to know where he is.

When Melissa spots Allison's (Crystal Reed) parents, she asks them if they know the whereabouts of their children. However, she is met with hostility when the Argents talk about Scott's rebelliousness. Melissa jumps to Scott's defense when they assume he had led their daughter astray. Even though she is aware that Scott is a troublemaker, it's nice that she gives him the benefit of the doubt- at least until he can defend himself.

8 Giving Scott advice on Allison (S1 Ep11)

After Allison breaks up with Scott, he is determined to win her back. He decides to make his first big gesture at the formal dance, confessing his feelings for her. This was on the impromptu advice of his mother.

Melissa and Scott have their first heart-to-heart while he is preparing for the dance. While she is trying to repair his suit, she asks if Scott is taking a date. Scott tells her that he is going stag as he only wants Allison. Melissa then advises him to tell Allison the truth about his feelings because women value honesty. Scott then takes her advice on board and uses it to help him get back together Allison.

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7 Accepting Scott's wolf status (S2 Ep11)

When Melissa first found out about Scott being a werewolf, she took it as well as expected. In fact, she took it better than most parents would. A week after the hostage situation ("Fury"), Melissa had been avoiding Scott; however, there was a silver lining as she still managed to cope enough to still live with him.

By the end of "Battlefield", Melissa comes to accept Scott's true self. She runs onto the field when she begins to notice "more than a lacrosse game" going on. When Scott asks her to leave for her own safety, Melissa refuses to abandon him. She also advises him to do whatever he can to help. After this, the bond between mother and son is stronger.

6 Taking in Isaac (S3 Ep7 & Ep13)

Melissa was quick to become a surrogate mother for the other members of the pack. One of these instances was when she took Isaac in after Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) threw him out of the loft ("Unleashed").

Isaac and Scott's relationship quickly developed into one resembling brothers. They became a quasi-family, with the trio having their ups and downs. Melissa became a surrogate mother to Isaac, proving to be a strong parental figure when she scolded the pair for destroying her house and ensuring the two went to school. Melissa and Scott would also refer to themselves as Isaac's family in the episode "Letharia Vulpina".

5 Advising Scott to be his own anchor (S3 Ep13)

After Scott, Allison, and Stiles took their parents' places in the sacrifice ritual, none of them came back the same. Allison is hallucinating, Stiles has begun suffering night terrors and Scott feels like he is losing control of his wolf. It gets so bad that Melissa has to remove Scott from the room before he transforms in front of his father (Matthew Del Negro).

When Scott reveals he cannot control himself anymore since he lost his anchor, Melissa tells him that he should be his own. She gives him further comfort by telling Scott that "he will fall in love more than once. And it will be just as magical" but he shouldn't have to rely on someone else to control his wolf. The idea seems to work as Scott manages to regain control.

4 "Thanks, Mom" (S3 Ep17)

Out of the three sacrifices, Stiles seemed to suffer the most. He is suffering from blackouts, sleepwalking, panic attacks and the ability to read. He decides to go to the hospital to see if he can get anything for his symptoms ("Silverfinger").

Melissa became a surrogate mother for Stiles after his own mother 'died'. When she notices Stiles acting strangely, she decides to inject him with a sedative to make him rest. There's a touching moment when Stiles unconsciously calls her mom. It shows how important she has become in other people's lives and what a great mother she is.

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3 Her devastation at Stiles' diagnosis (S3 Ep18)

Stiles' symptoms get worse as the season continues, with the teen's mental state deteriorating fast. In the episode "Riddled", the pack and their parents spend the majority of the time trying to track Stiles. Melissa and Agent McCall (Del Negro) are the first ones to find Stiles, with Melissa being the one to comfort Stiles after he comes out of his nightmare.

Melissa is also on standby when Sheriff Stalinski (Linden Ashby) asks the hospital to run further tests on Stiles. She looks concerned by the prospect of Stiles suffering the same condition as his mother. Melissa is also devastated to hear the doctor confirm the results. Stiles may look at her as a surrogate mother, but she also cares for him like one of her own.

2 Telling Rafe to be a better father (S3 Ep24)

Melissa may not be fond of her ex-husband, but that doesn't mean she would see Scott punished. Especially if he did decide to have some form of a relationship with his father when he got older. That's why she's not afraid to hold back her feelings when Rafe decides to skip town again.

She reprimands him for wanting to bail on Scott after just one fight. She tells him that if he wants to have a better relationship with his son, Rafe is going to have to try harder. However, there is a turning point when she is severely injured. Melissa then makes Rafe promise that he will fix his relationship with Scott if something happens to her. She just wants to ensure that Scott will be looked after.

1 Reviving Scott (S5 Ep10)

They say nothing compares to the love a mother has for her child and it is definitely shown in the episode "Status Asthmaticus". With Theo's (Cody Christian) manipulating him and the stress of the full moon, Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) attacks Scott, leaving him badly beaten. Theo then kills Scott after Liam runs off to be with Hayden (Victoria Morales).

Melissa is shown to be the underrated hero of the episode, running to Scott's aid after finding him with no pulse. She begins to perform CPR on him, refusing to give up on her son despite Mason (Khylin Rhambo) objections. Her determination pays off in the end as she manages to resuscitate him. Her motherly duty doesn't end there when she reassures Scott that he hasn't lost his pack.

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