Teen Wolf: Ranking Every Pack

In Teen Wolf, werewolves are only as strong as their united pack. Unsurprisingly, not all packs on the series were created equal.

Teen Wolf spent a lot of time reminding the audience that the strongest werewolves were those with a solid pack behind them. The more unified the pack, the stronger the power. Despite that knowledge, fans didn’t see a ton of packs make their way into Beacon Hills.

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In fact, the packs that featured in the series didn’t often stick around for long. Some dissolved as members went their separate ways while others found themselves taken down by an enemy. Only a few of the packs were in Teen Wolf for the long haul - and one of them wasn’t even made up exclusively of werewolves. Supernatural creatures could belong to a pack without having been bitten by an alpha, making some of the pack dynamics on Teen Wolf pretty fascinating. It also meant the power levels of the packs were drastically different.

7 The Primal Pack

Mrs Finch Of The Primal Pack In Teen Wolf

This pack was introduced in the final season of the series, and because its members didn’t have as much screen time as others, fans don’t learn too much about them. While rumors Scott McCall and Malia Hale heard indicated the pack was completely wild, giving up their human sides, that’s not what was demonstrated on screen.

Both Mrs. Finch, an Alpha, and her daughter Quinn lived in modern society and used technology. The rumor might have been a way to keep the pack hidden, or it may have been true and the two had left the pack behind. It’s not entirely clear. What is clear is that the entire pack ends up decimated by one creature. They didn’t have enough strength or skill to defend themselves the way all of the other packs in Teen Wolf did.

6 Derek’s New Betas

Isaac Erica And Derek Recruit Boyd In Teen Wolf Season 2

In season two, Derek Hale decided to create his own pack with his newfound Alpha status. He chose Beacon Hills High School outcasts Isaac, Erica, and Boyd to be his three new betas. The three loved their newfound power and they became pretty tight-knit; however, they had a serious problem with following orders and leadership, which is why this pack ranks so low.

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Boyd wanted to use his werewolf abilities the same way Scott did - to help people. That meant he was a bit more reserved when it came to bringing out the claws unless Derek asked him to. Erica, on the other hand, was all about having fun with her new abilities. She antagonized Scott and his friends, flaunted her new healing abilities, and reveled in the power she had. If only she and Boyd hadn’t decided Derek wasn’t the leader and tried to leave Beacon Hills, she and Boyd might have become great members of another pack.

Of course, Isaac deserted Derek and aligned himself with Scott McCall, and later Chris Argent. Derek couldn’t keep his own pack together for more than a few months, and they all ended up weaker for it.

5 Satomi’s Pack

Satomi And Her Pack In Teen Wolf

Satomi’s pack was one of the oldest we know of in the Beacon Hills area, but we didn’t see too much of them outside of Satomi herself, Brett, and his little sister. While Satomi was a valuable source of information for the newer wolves, Brett and his sister provided great allies for Scott and his friends when their paths crossed.

Satomi taught her pack to blend in very well. They used the question, “what three things are not long hidden” and the mantra, “the sun, the moon, and the truth” to keep their werewolf selves in check. Brett’s younger sister even held her own against Kira’s overpowered kitsune without completely wolfing out, so their self-control is way above par.

The pack didn’t, however, have the best track record when it came to endurance and power. Many members of Satomi’s pack were wiped out by a virus during the launch of the Deadpool. She also had to call on the Argent family and Scott McCall to help protect them from assassins despite their relatively large numbers.

4 The Hale Family

Cora And Peter Hale In Teen Wolf

Like Satomi’s pack, we don’t get to see a ton of the Hale family in action. In fact, the glory days of the pack were before the events of the series even happened. 

One of the oldest and wealthiest families in Beacon Hills, the Hales helped establish the town. One of their vaults is even older than the high school that sits on top of it. Despite that, the family lived apart from the rest of the town, keeping their secret for decades.

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Talia Hale was the Alpha, but she lost her status to her own brother Peter. Peter, driven to avenge a fire set to his family home by misguided hunters, sought out more and more power, systematically attempting to eliminate his relatives and steal theirs. He killed his niece Laura and went after Derek. Though he eventually worked with Derek and his younger sister Cora, Peter never seemed particularly interested in making them a unified pack again. Despite their strength, one member brought them all down.

3 Theo’s Chimeras

Theo And His Chimera Pack In Teen Wolf

Theo’s pack was an interesting one because it wasn’t a true pack. When the Dread Doctors created chimeras, they gave him Tracy, Josh, Corey, and Hayden as his pack. Each of them had at least two sets of DNA from other supernatural creatures, giving them a whole host of abilities other characters on the show didn’t have. That should have made them stronger.

Unfortunately, none of them actually chose Theo as an Alpha, lessening their bond. Both Corey and Hayden eventually deserted Theo to be with people they cared about. Theo killed both Tracy and Josh, stealing their power, and leaving him on his own. 

2 The Alpha Pack

Deucalion And Kali Of The Teen Wolf Alpha Pack

A pack of Alphas seems like a recipe for disaster. All of that power and ego in one group meant they were bound to blow up eventually.

Despite all being Alphas, Deucalion called the shots. Every member of his pack had the power of an entire pack within them, making them incredibly strong, if dysfunctional. They each had to kill all of the members of their own packs and absorb their power. Ennis, Kali, Ethan, and Aiden were all formidable, but they were also all eventually taken down. 

Interestingly, it took Kali, Ethan, and Aiden to take on the weaker Derek and his betas, despite their strength, so pure power wasn’t always an advantage.

1 The McCall Pack

The one pack fans see slowly form over the course of the series is that belonging to Scott McCall. Even before he officially becomes an Alpha, it’s clear he’s got his own pack. Derek even commented on it in season two when Scott refused to join his ranks as a beta. Scott’s pack was the most unique in the series, and perhaps the most coveted by other Alphas.

Scott was a werewolf, and eventually, he did have his own betas in Liam and Hayden. Before that, however, he was basically the only werewolf in his pack. Isaac joined him briefly but left town while mourning the loss of Allison. Stiles remained human through the show’s run, Allison was a human hunter, Kira was a kitsune, Lydia a banshee, Malia a werecoyote, and Parrish a hellhound. New additions Mason and Corey expanded the pack in the final seasons. Frankly, the bond between Scott’s pack and their extended families could even mean that Melissa McCall, Chris Argent, and Noah Stilinski could be included as pack members by the end of the show’s run.

Their wide range of abilities, even when they didn’t know what they were doing, made them stronger than just about any other pack that came into the show. The love and loyalty they shared meant their bond was nearly unbreakable. Theo might have caused dissension when he was introduced, but it didn’t last, and he still had to use wolfsbane to weaken Scott to put his plan in action. The McCall Pack was unstoppable, even as members came and went.

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