Teen Wolf Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

Teen Wolf Characters Hogwarts Houses

Teen Wolf began as the story of a basketball-playing teenager turned werewolf in the 80s. MTV remade it with lacrosse for a new generation as a television series. The changes didn’t stop at the sport preference either. New supernatural creatures were introduced to the small town of Beacon Hills that kept the show going for several seasons.

One thing the series didn’t have? Magical beings like witches and wizards. If it had, maybe there would have been more questions about which characters would have sorted into which of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts houses. It’ll be no surprise to fans that a lot of the heroes, with their bravery and strict sense of morality, wind up sorted into Gryffindor.

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10 Lydia Martin: Ravenclaw

Lydia Martin In Teen Wolf Ravenclaw

When Teen Wolf debuted, Lydia Martin appeared to be the stereotypical pretty and popular girl for a teen drama. Fans eventually learned she was anything but.

Lydia had a thing for science and math. Put a set of numbers in front of her, and she could work any problem. She masked her intelligence for a long time in order to maintain her popularity. Lydia, however, couldn’t stop herself from wanting to learn more. She joined the fight in the supernatural world of Beacon Hills primarily because she wanted to understand her own Banshee abilities. Like a true Ravenclaw, Lydia never stopped searching for answers to all of her questions.

9 Jackson Whittemore: Hufflepuff

Jackson Whittemore In Teen Wolf Hufflepuff

Hufflepuff might be a surprising sort for someone who once wanted to know where Scott McCall got “his juice.” Jackson, however, wasn’t necessarily interested in getting an unfair advantage, but in leveling the playing field. 

The bulk of Jackson’s story on the show was that of a teenage boy struggling to figure out where he belonged. It wasn’t until Jackson became a werewolf and accepted who he was that he truly figured things out. His connection to the people closest to him, like Lydia, stopped him from becoming a mindless monster. Likewise, his connection to Beacon Hills kept him in the supernatural fight even while living in London. Loyalty was certainly important to him.

8 Theo Raeken: Slytherin

Theo Raeken In Teen Wolf Slytherin

Introduced late in the series, Theo was a great antagonist for the main cast of characters. He allied himself with Scott and his pack when he needed them, and fought them when he didn’t.

Theo’s greatest ambition was to have his own pack. He wanted what Scott had: a group of supernatural beings with unflinching loyalty to him. Unfortunately for Theo, his tendency to double-cross his allies meant loyalty didn’t come easily to those around him. As a Slytherin, his ambitions were nearly realized with the help of the Dread Doctors, but his own lust for power and fear of death got in the way. He lost his pack one by one.

7 Malia Tate: Gryffindor

Malia Tate In Teen Wolf Gryffindor

Malia’s fight or flight instinct overrode almost every other aspect of her personality on a regular basis. Living your formative years as a coyote instead of a little girl can do that to a person. As a result, she was braver than a lot of the other characters on the show.

Malia had to adjust to being a high school teenager fairly quickly. Deciding to live life as a human, and not take the easy route of staying a coyote, was pretty brave to begin with. Becoming a member of Scott’s pack, protecting Beacon Hills, and being one of the first to step into the fight made her a Gryffindor.

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6 Stiles Stilinski: Ravenclaw

Stiles Stilinski In Teen Wolf Ravenclaw

The only Ravenclaw to make the list other than Lydia, Stiles narrowly misses out on being in Hufflepuff. His loyalty turned his friends into his family, and he didn’t know how to stop himself from working. Stiles, however, was also the person always looking for patterns and answers in the world around him.

For much of the series, it’s Stiles who put together the clues and figured out just what the teenagers were up against. Even when he’s stuck in a way station courtesy of the Wild Hunt, Stiles stayed aware, studying his surroundings, and finding a way out. Without Stiles’ logic and planning, the pack would have been doomed more than once on Teen Wolf.

5 Kira Yukimara: Gryffindor

Kira Yukimara In Teen Wolf Gryffindor

Introduced late to the pack, Kira quickly became a fan favorite. Though she didn’t get to stay in Beacon Hills long, Kira certainly made an impression.

Kira didn’t initially understand her supernatural abilities. She got used to the powers of the kitsune quickly, however. Kira became an ally of Scott and his friends just as quickly as she learned about her abilities. Always ready to jump into the fray to help someone else, Kira’s bravery, and her need to do the right thing, made her a Gryffindor.

4 Jordan Parrish: Hufflepuff

Jordan Parrish In Teen Wolf Hufflepuff

Initially, Jordan Parrish was a bit difficult to pin down. He had supernatural abilities, but he didn’t know it. Instead, his abilities seemed to him to be more like sleepwalking. The hellhound, however, eventually learned about himself. Both his supernatural persona and his human one get sorted into Hufflepuff.

Parrish, as a deputy in the sheriff’s department, had loyalty to law and order. That loyalty got tested a lot, and he found himself more loyal to Sheriff Stilinski than he was to the rules and regulations that might not always make sense. His hellhound side, likewise, was loyal to the supernatural. As a hellhound, he protected the supernatural from being discovered, no matter what.

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3 Derek Hale: Gryffindor

Derek Hale In Teen Wolf Gryffindor

Though Derek Hale was gruff and caustic when fans first met him, that attitude was mostly a mask for his anger at the hand life dealt him.Despite all of the tragedy that befell Derek as a kid, he still called Beacon Hills home and tried to help other supernatural creatures that lived there.

That might sound like a Hufflepuff, but Derek also happened to have a pretty big Gryffindor trait. He’s brave to a fault. Rather than use any pragmatic approach, he’d stubbornly hold out until the end, not asking for help, and trying to take the world on his shoulders.

2 Allison Argent: Hufflepuff

Allison Argent In Teen Wolf Hufflepuff

Allison’s teenage years involved her learning how to use every weapon in her family’s arsenal - as well as escape from being tied to a chair. Despite being taught to be brave in a fight and to memorize a virtual encyclopedia of fighting skills, Allison was definitely a Hufflepuff.

Allison believed in fair fights, and in everyone getting a fair shot, no matter if they were a hunter, an average human, or a supernatural creature. That sense of fairness got her family to change their motto. She also had a fierce sense of loyalty. Allison protected her friends at all costs, and it certainly cost her in the end.

1 Scott McCall: Gryffindor

Scott McCall Teen Wolf Gryffindor

Much like the alpha that turned him into a werewolf, Scott McCall was brave to a fault. That’s why he, too, ends up sorted into Gryffindor.

Scott went through some serious changes over the course of Teen Wolf. A normal kid who just wanted to get through high school, by the end of the series he was an alpha werewolf leading his own pack. He led by example. His bravery, his hero complex, and his need to make everyone see things his way made him fit right in with the ultimate Gryffindor, Harry Potter himself.

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