10 Hilarious Teen Wolf Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Tyler Posey in Teen Wolf

The hit MTV supernatural teen drama Teen Wolf may have concluded its run almost two years ago now in September of 2017, but the love for this show will seemingly never die. This surprisingly heartfelt and well written series had pretty much everything anyone would ever ask for in a supernatural horror series about a bunch of high school students, and although no one would have expected it when the show first began it seems safe to say that it will permanently rank up there with the top TV shows in the genre.

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People who are super fans of a certain TV show, book series, or film can demonstrate that fan love in a lot of different and creative ways. Some fans write fanfiction, some of them edit videos, some of them create graphics, and some of them make their favorite thing into a hilarious meme. So like the many TV shows that came before it, practically every moment in Teen Wolf has been made into a meme, and here are 10 of the funniest.

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10 The Most Special Boy

So I guess being possessed by the Nogitsune doesn't count? It's actually ironic that Stiles is the only member of the Teen Wolf squad who isn't a supernatural creature (at least not permanently), because while he is obviously a complete goofball he also happens to be the person on Teen Wolf who seems to have the best grasp on how to actually handle supernatural situations. Scott McCall's pack is unfortunately almost always behind the curve when it comes to figuring out what's happening or how to handle it, but Stiles is usually the first to figure things out and always seems to be a little bit ahead of the pack.

9 Or We're Just That Person

Okay, so sometimes the worst idea is really the worst idea, but sometimes the worst idea also winds up being the best idea, know what I'm saying? And there's a reason why Stiles is one of the few human survivors in a supernatural world populated by beings with extraordinary knowledge and power.

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If you can't do something smart, do something stupid, and Stiles' willingness to be a little off the wall has probably saved his behind as well as the behinds of Scott and the rest of the pack more times than any of them would like to admit.

8 You're Not You When You're Hungry

Scott is really such a good mom sometimes, it's not that hard to believe that he would constantly have snacks on hand to satisfy the needs of one of his many inept children. You're not you when you're hungry, and everyone knows that Stiles is 100% the type of person who completely loses his mind when he's hungry, thirsty, or uncomfortable in any other way anyone can imagine. This method of coping with stress would probably lead to some awkward situations in Teen Wolf though, like just imagine if Derek was crying over his deceased family and someone just told him to cheer up and handed him a candy bar.

7 The Problem Child

Okay, so here's a conspiracy theory for all of the Teen Wolf fans out there. Derek speculated that the Nogitsune may have possessed Stiles because Stiles is someone who low key wields a lot of power in the world. However there could have been another obvious upside to choosing Stiles, and that is that Stiles is pretty much screwing everything up on a constant basis anyway. The Nogitsune feeds on chaos, and Stiles creating chaos is not the kind of thing that would draw a lot of people's attention unless he started killing people or burning buildings down or something.

6 There's No Stopping Bad Taste

Real talk, if someone doesn't like Teen Wolf it's because they haven't seen Teen Wolf. It's really easy to write the show off if you're unfamiliar with it, because no one looks at MTV and thinks wow, I bet they'd have some really killer scripted supernatural dramas on air.

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Plus there's the obvious Michael J. Fox movie inspiration. Teen Wolf the movie is awesome, but it shares very little in common with the TV Teen Wolf. So if anyone ever says that Teen Wolf is lame and you see someone else in the room make this face, then you know they're legitimate fans of the show.

5 You Can't Keep Love Contained

When your friends say that you should stop talking about Teen Wolf, do you understand what that means? It means you need to find new friends. If you love something then you shouldn't have to hide it or keep it inside, and if the people around you don't understand your passion then you just need to find people who feel passionate about the same thing! Plus, pretty much anyone who ever watched Teen Wolf would understand that the twists and turns of this show are the kind of thing that you just have to talk about with someone else sometimes.

4 It Wasn't Supposed To Hurt This Much

Teen Wolf follows in the same kind of tradition as a show like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You start the show off and think it's going to be a kind of cutesy teen supernatural show with high schoolers trying to cope with normal teenage life in addition to some magical shenanigans. And you think well gee, these characters are adorable and this show is actually pretty well written and I'm surprisingly invested in everything that's happening and then BOOM your heart has been ripped out of your chest and you feel like a part of you died with your fave character and you're just wondering how that even happened in the first place.

3 Pick Your Poison

That's it. That's the show. Most people who watch a show like to imagine themselves existing in that show at some point, or they have a particular character that they can deeply relate to. But anyone who has watched Teen Wolf but hasn't picked out their particular character avatar has memes like these to make the job easier.

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Each character has obviously been summed up in ten bullet points or less, and if anyone sees a bit of themselves in these lists of characteristics then they will finally know for certain if they're a Styles Bilinski, a Lium Dumbar, or perhaps a Moolia Cake.

2 Peak Athleticism

Surely some of the people reading this are the freaks of nature who actually manage to look fabulous while partaking in strenuous activity, however if you're more of a Stiles than an Isaac then have no fear or shame. It's completely normal to look awful when you feel awful or when you're doing something awful, and make no mistake, running is unequivocally an awful activity. And on the plus side, even most people who look like a wreck after exercising will still look slightly better than Stiles does here, exhaustion is a normal look but Stiles looks like he just got nailed in the right eye with a ping pong ball or something.

1 Uno Reverse Card

Poor, poor Derek Hale. Legend has it he smiled once. But that was presumably when he was like two years old and not yet capable of rational thought or human emotions. A Teen Wolf and Harry Potter crossover would certainly be a sight to behold, but if Derek existed in the world of Harry Potter then Sirius Black would not have been the first wrongly convicted crazy man to escape from Azkaban prison. The dementors love Azkaban because there is so much energy for them to feed off of, but at this point Derek is an empty vessel, every positive emotion has already been sucked out of him.

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