Teen Wolf: 10 Best Episodes (According to IMDb)

For six seasons, Teen Wolf had viewers immersed in the supernatural within Beacon Hills. These are IMDb's top ten episodes.

Teen Wolf was a popular supernatural series based on the film of the same title. Teenage Scott McCall faces a life-changing reality when he is turned into a werewolf. With the help of his best friend, Stiles, and mentor Derek Hale, Scott learns how to control his powers and accepts his new identity.

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Throughout six seasons, Scott and his friends battle various supernatural creatures who infiltrate Beacon Hills, including Dread Doctors, Chimeras, Kanimas, and The Wild Hunt. Scott's journey leads him to becoming a True Alpha and starting a pack of his own. According to IMDb, these are the top-rated episodes of the series.


The finale of season 6 part 1 reunites friends and family as The Wild Hunt and the real world collide. As the Ghost Riders get closer to making Beacon Hills an official ghost town, Scott's pack rushes to prevent it. While Liam sacrifices himself to enter The Wild Hunt to find Corey, whose abilities are being used to merge the worlds, Scott goes to divert the incoming train.

In a race against time, the characters left in Beacon Hills must prevent the destruction of their town and rescue the captured residents. This episode also features the moment Stiles and Lydia fans had been waiting for.


What must be one of the darkest episodes of the series comes in at number nine. Lydia feels the tragedy and dread rolling off the Motel Glen Capri when the cross country team must spend the night in the cheap motel. When she hears the story about how 198 suicides and counting have happened in the rooms, Lydia is immediately disturbed.

If that wasn't enough, Scott, Ethan, Isaac, and Boyd are all experiencing possession causing them to hurt themselves, or attempt to. Lydia joins forces with Stiles to keep their friends safe. This episode is also well-remembered for Stiles talking down Scott from killing himself with gasoline and a flare.


Following their sacrifice in "Alpha Pact," Scott, Stiles, and Allison wake up in another realm as they are lead to the Nemeton. They each watch their younger selves pass by the large tree stump on the night Scott was bitten. "Lunar Ellipse" also features one of the most significant character developments for Scott.

He pushes through a circle of Mountain Ash, something that is meant to be impossible. At that moment, his determination not to kill others but to save them leads him to him becoming a True Alpha. Allison and her father also make a new code for themselves, "We protect those who cannot protect themselves."

7 DE-VOID (9.2)

After having lived with the Nogitsune possessing Stiles, Scott has had enough and takes more drastic measures to retrieve his best friend. Jumping into Stiles' mind, Scott and Lydia pass through the mind games meant to distract them and finally find Stiles entranced in a match with the Nogitsune.

Running to him doesn't get Scott and Lydia any closer, so they try another approach. Scott roars to get Stiles' attention, which knocks him out of his trance. In the real world, Void Stiles coughs up a long string of cloth that the real Stiles emerges from.

6 ALPHA PACT (9.2)

With Sherriff Stilinksi and Melissa McCall, and Argent taken, Deaton comes up with a way to save Scott, Stiles, and Allison's parents. First, they must find a tree called the Nemeton, a large stump with a history involved in the supernatural. Doing this forces Scott, Stiles, and Allison to act as a sacrifice for their parents, temporarily dying to find the Nemeton's location.

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However, the ritual involves a large amount of risk. By completing the sacrifice, they are giving power back to the Nemeton, turning it into a beacon for the supernatural. It also involves a personal side effect. Scott, Stiles, and Allison will have to live with a feeling of darkness surrounding their hearts for the rest of their lives.


Freshly devastated, everyone is on edge about the Nogitsune after Allison's death. With no hope, Kira's parents tell Stiles that what he needs is a divine move. Earlier in the season, Scott and Deaton had found out that to defeat the Nogitsune, the host body has to be changed. Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and Kira fight through the Nogitsune's tricks and then confront him directly.

Angrily, he informs them that he is over a thousand years old and can not die. They quickly prove him wrong, Scott biting Void Stiles a few seconds later, changing the host to a werewolf.


One of the few episodes of season six to make the list, "Memory Lost" sets up the new big bad, The Wild Hunt. According to a legend, if a person sees the Ghost Riders, they are already gone, taken by the hunt, and erased from everyone's memory. Scott and Stiles first realize the effects of The Wild Hunt when they visit the home of a young boy named Alex, whose parents had been taken.

As a person disappears, everything about them does as well. Scott and Stiles rush back to school, thinking their friends Liam and Hayden are next to be taken. However, after separating from Scott, Stiles realizes the truth: he is next. Lydia is the last person to remember him. They try to escape, but it's a moot point. Stiles will inevitably be taken and leaves Lydia with a few final words before being dragged away.


Rest in peace, Allison Argent. A heartbreaking episode for the McCall pack has everyone fighting to save Lydia from Void Stiles, the Nogitsune. Lydia, however, had tried to tell her friends not to find her. Frantic that Scott and Stiles were setting her free, she is terrified about something that is about to happen.

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Scott races back to the primary fight while Stiles collapses from exhaustion with Lydia staying by him. Isaac, corned by the Oni, is about to die when Allison kills one with a personally made arrow. Unfortunately, she can not celebrate a victory as she immediately finds herself stabbed, and Scott arrives just in time to catch her before Allison hits the ground.

2 RIDDLED (9.4)

Deaton warned Scott, Stiles, and Allison that their sacrifice in "Alpha Pact" would not only give power back to the Nemeton but would also give the three of them a feeling of darkness around their hearts for the rest of their lives. However, it is a mistake on Kira's part that launches a new villain, the Nogitsune, a dark fox that feeds off chaos. After multiple episodes of theorizing whom the Nogitsune could be, everyone must accept the dreadful truth that it is hiding out in Stiles.

Stiles faces the Nogitsune alone as it asks him, 'Everyone can have it, but no one can lose it?" After believing that he has been losing his mind, and doctors setting up tests to look for dementia, he realizes the answer, "Shadow." The Nogitsune reveals itself to have taken the form of Stiles' body.


With the entire list being made up of episodes from seasons three and six, "Radio Silence" comes out as IMDb's highest-rated episode. The event follows Stiles and Peter Hale inside The Wild Hunt, a train station, as they try to find a way out. Meanwhile, Lydia insists that Stiles is real even though she, Scott, and Malia can not actively remember him.

After spotting the abandoned Jeep in the parking lot of the high school, Lydia convinces Scott the Jeep is essential to prevent it from being towed. From The Wild Hunt, Stiles makes the connection between his location and Lydia and Scott in the Jeep. The connection brings the first real spark of memories of Stiles to Scott and Lydia's minds.

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