Teen Wolf's Alphas, Ranked

Teen Wolf, the popular supernatural series about werewolves, aired on MTV for six seasons. Despite ending its run it remains popular with fans of the series who grew to love the characters and the exploration of both werewolves, horror, and other types of mythology.

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One of the main aspects of the mythology on this show is the hierarchy within the werewolf packs. You could either be a Beta, Omega, or the leader, known as the Alpha. Alphas have been both heroes and villains depending on the season and characters. We're ranking the top Alphas in Teen Wolf.

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10 Ennis

Ennis ranks at the bottom of the list because of all the Alphas on this show, particularly in the Alpha pack, he had the least amount of development. He was part of the infamous Alpha pack alongside Deucalion, Kali, and the twins. Like the other Alphas he killed his former packs' Druid emissary in order to gain his new powers.

In his scenes on the show he was typically depicted doing Deucalion's bidding such as disguising himself at the hospital to try and kidnap Isaac. But ultimately Ennis winds up being brutally murdered by Deucalion when he reaches the end of his usefulness.

9 Ethan and Aiden

Of all the characters introduced in season 3B, the twins, Ethan and Aiden, probably became the most popular characters. They and Deucalion are the only ones to return later on in the show. Aiden dated Lydia for a while and Ethan dated Danny, then eventually, Jackson.

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Sadly, Aiden is killed by an Oni, which is why Ethan leaves town and that's where he meets Jackson. But one of the coolest things about the twins Alpha abilities is that they can merge into one monster wolf while in their truest form. Before becoming allies, they proved to be pretty dangerous enemies for Scott and his pack.

8 Kali

Kali was the second-in-command of the Alpha pack and beyond the twins, she was a pretty popular character and remembered for being one of the female antagonists on the series. She also had the biggest connection to another adversary, Jennifer Blake, which made her all the more compelling.

Many fans even headcanon Kali and Jennifer once being in love. Kali became an Alpha because she was instructed to kill Jennifer (formerly Jennifer Baccari) her friend and Druid. However, Kali couldn't bring herself to finish Jennifer off and left her to die peacefully, except she didn't actually die and returns to seek revenge.

7 Deucalion

We would be remiss if we didn't include Deucalion. There are some mixed feelings about him but when he was initially introduced in season 3B, he quickly became a formidable enemy. Despite being blind, Deucalion was an adept Alpha and the Alpha of an Alpha pack, which makes him even more badass than just your typical Alpha leader.

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His reasons for returning to Beacon Hills are to recruit Derek into his pack and unleash the True Alpha potential in Scott McCall so he can collect a rare addition to his pack. He returns in the show later on as more of an anti-hero after being defeated by Scott.

6 Mrs. Finch

Mrs. Finch was introduced in season five but no one knew about her Alpha status until the sixth season of the series. She proved to be a great help to the pack in the fifth season as they were learning about the chimera. Little is known about how Mrs. Finch became a werewolf, whether she was bitten or turned.

We also don't know how she inherited her Alpha werewolf status. But she did become the high school biology teacher and she also has a daughter. Her pack of werewolves is known as the Primal. They gave up their humanity to live more like animals.

5 Peter Hale

Peter Hale was the first main antagonist of Teen Wolf, apart from the hunter, Kate Argent. He is responsible for turning Scott McCall into a werewolf as he gives him the bite in the first episode. He also bit Lydia and activated her banshee powers. Peter's role on the show has mixed results from fans but we couldn't leave him off the list given his importance to the central plot of the series.

He is the uncle of Laura, Derek, and Core Hale, and also the father of Malia Tate. Peter's goal in the first season is to get revenge on Kate Argent for the Hale family fire. He goes back and forth between villain and ally over the course of the show.

4 Laura Hale

Laura Hale was one of those characters we heard a lot about but we never actually got to meet since she died before the series even started. However, her death was heavily tied into the first season of the show and continued to come up during the entire run.

She was the oldest daughter of the Alpha, Talia Hale, and eventually became the Alpha of the Hale pack herself. She became the Alpha after her family was murdered in the Hale house fire. She and Derek went on the run for several years to escape the Argents. She was eventually killed by Peter Hale who wanted to steal her Alpha spark and become the new Alpha for himself.

3 Derek Hale

Derek was a main character on Teen Wolf for several seasons of the show's run. He was the son of notable Alpha Talia Hale, nephew of Peter Hale, and brother to both Cora and Laura. Even though Derek started off as a Beta werewolf, he eventually became an Alpha by killing his uncle, Peter Hale.

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Even though Peter does eventually come back to life. Derek was an extremely popular character on the series and a faithful ally to Scott. He eventually had to give up his Alpha ability in order to heal his sister Cora from potentially deadly mistletoe poisoning.

2 Talia Hale

Talia is arguably the most powerful Alpha that ever came out of the Hale family pack. She was the mother of Laura, Derek, and Cora and she had the rare ability to turn into a full wolf. This was a gift she passed on to her son, Derek. Talia was extremely well-respected by members of the supernatural community and by other Alphas.

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But she was killed in the Hale house fire. Talia also acted as an adviser to the Alpha pack at one point in time. Even though she died before the series started, her presence, like Laura's, was felt throughout due to her power and legacy.

1 Scott McCall

Scott McCall is obviously the heart and soul of Teen Wolf. From the beginning, the story is about him. He is bitten by Peter Hale and has to learn how to be a werewolf and even to lead a pack. Eventually, he ascends into becoming an Alpha. But Scott is a very special and rare Alpha as he doesn't have to kill anyone to claim his status.

He is what is known as a True Alpha, able to become an Alpha by his own will and due to his virtue and the strength of his character. Because of this, it has made him a target for other werewolves who envy his powers. But Scott has always managed to come out on top with the help of his pack.

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