Teen Titans: 10 Strongest Members, Ranked (And 10 So Weak They’re Useless)

With the new Teen Titans show, entitled"Titans being release on DC Comics' new streaming platform, it feels like the ideal time to delve into their world a little bit. Although the series may not live up to the expectations of the fans, it certainly appears to be a departure from DC's current slate of projects. The show, which was originally developed by TNT before being axed by them, will star Brendan Thwaites as Dick Grayson, AKA the first Robin, who leads a team of young superheroes against the forces of darkness. Of course, Robin is the most famous member of the Teen Titans and maybe one of the most powerful. However, not every single one of his teammates come close to being a useful member of the team.

With superhero teams in general, there are always going to be weak links. There will also always be characters who wield far more power, skill, or intelligence than others and therefore completely overshadow them. Teen Titans is no exception to this. After all, it is a team of young, mostly"B-level superheroes, at least in comparison to the Justice League, which pretty much dominates in terms of power.

This list will analyze twenty of the most famous characters to have ever been a part of the Teen Titans in the comics, animated shows, and in this upcoming DC series. Ten of them will be some of the most powerful additions that the team, while the other ten will leave something to be desired.

Without further ado, here are 10 Strongest Members of the Teen Titans (And 10 So Weak They're Useless).

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20 Strongest: Cyborg

30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

Although this imposing character was recently seen in the Justice League movie, as well as was a member of that team in some of the comics, he was actually a Teen Titan first. Due to the fact that Victor Stone, AKA Cyborg, was cybernetically-enhanced, he is easily one of the most powerful members of the Teen Titans. Cyborg's physical strength is only matched by his hyper-intelligence, which seems to be something he got from his talented father, who is the reason for his robotic body as well.

As for his physical abilities, his partially-robotic body allows him the ability to fly, as well as giving him enhanced strength, technopathy, medical scanners, built-in weaponry such as his cannon, and a variety of sensory systems.

19 Weakest: Pantha

Pantha Teen Titans

In a lot of ways, Pantha is similar to Marvel's X-23, who was featured in the Wolverine film, Logan. Both characters have razor-sharp claws and can be useful in a battle. However, Pantha is no X-23. She doesn't boast the healing powers of X-23 nor the berserker rage. Not to mention, her claws are nowhere near as powerful as X-23's nearly indestructible adamantium.

Pantha's abilities pretty much end after the claws and enhanced agility.

She's also a loner and kind of hostile to her Teen Titana allies. This doesn't make her all that reliable or even effective as a member of a superhero team. She also just not very interesting, so it's hard to root for her.

18 Strongest: Starfire

How could Starfire not be on this list? After all, she is one of the most famous members of the Teen Titans. She will even be featured on the Titans show, as portrayed by Anna Diop.

This alien warrior princess that's been stranded on Earth, is the ability to absorb huge amounts of ultraviolet energy and project them at will. The ultraviolet spectrum can be a powerful tool. On the lower ends, it's what gives us a tan, but on the extreme ends, it could completely disintegrate us. Starfire was also trained as a warrior by her people so she definitely knows how to handle herself in battle. She also has super-strength thanks to the energy she is able to infuse.

17 Weakest: Roy Harper

Roy Harper is even pretty useless on CW's Arrow, especially in comparison to his mentor, Oliver Queen. Additionally, when ranked against his Teen Titan colleagues, he is definitely one of the weakest links. Sure, he's an excellent marksman and an absolute master of all things archery, but how does that even compare to the super-human strength of Connor Kent or Wonder Girl? He's nowhere as good of a fighter as Nightwing or Robin as well.

Harper may be one of the favorite members of the team, but that doesn't make him particularly useful.

In the comics, he also struggles with an addiction issue which makes him a liability on the battlefield as well as at social functions.

16 Strongest: The Robins

Pretty well every incarnation of Robin has been a member of the Teen Titans. It most famously started off with Dick Grayson, but Jason Todd and Tim Drake also were members of the Teen Titans at various stages in the game.

Although all three of these characters don't posses any superhuman abilities given to them by birth, magic, alien-heritage, or technology, they were all trained by one of the greatest superheroes of all time, Batman. This means that every version of Robin has had extensive training from The Dark Knight. Aside from their natural leadership abilities, the Robins also are excellent hand-to-hand fighters, well-versed in technology and the use of gadgets, are brilliant tacticians, and can use their environment against their opponent.

15 Weakest: Aqualad

In the comics and in the animated series, Aqualad may be a dreamy character who is Raven and Starfire's object of infatuation, but he's really not more than that. Sure, he does have all the powers of Aquaman and the Atlantians, but these powers are very specific to the water if following the original comic canon.

Aqualad can almost certainly best certain villains if he's fighting them in the ocean. After all, he does have superhuman strength, speed, and can manipulate marine life to his will.

If he's taken on land, he's pretty much one of the least skilled members of the team.

He doesn't have the martial art abilities of a character like Robin, nor does he seem to have the immense intellectual capabilities of Batman's protege.

14 Strongest: Rose Wilson

Rose Wilson, otherwise known as Ravager, is the daughter of Slade Wilson, AKA Deathstroke. She has a lot of the same skills as this powerful supervillain as well as the rage within her due to her father's horrible actions. She was even given the same exact serum that allowed Deathstroke to have enhanced strength, speed, and durability.

Rose has something on top of her father and other members of the Teen Titans: she has a limited precognition which is triggered by adrenaline. This means she can see what her opponent is going to do before they do it, Additionally, she was trained by both her mother and Nightwing and therefore is an utterly fantastic martial artist.

13 Weakest: Hawk and Dove

Although the versions of Hawk and Dove portrayed in the upcoming Titans are played by a male and female couple, it doesn't make them any stronger. Originally, this crime-fighting, bird-themed, the duo were a pair of brothers who were gifted superhuman abilities.

To access these abilities, they have to speak magic words.

After the words are spoken, they turn into the colorful pair with enhanced speed as well as strength. Perhaps they'd be more effective if they were on the same page, but they rarely are since Hawk is more brutal and willing to fight while Dove wants to solve things through peace and communication. In comparison to other members of the Teen Titans, these two don't really have the brains, brawn, or powers to put them at the top of this list.

12 Strongest: Beast Boy

Beast Boy

Beast Boy may have a bit of a silly name but he is a force to be reckoned with. His ability to change into any animal he sees fit at any moment in time is not only unique, but also a cool power for a team to have. Think about it: an elephant could come in handy once in a whil-- so could a hawk or even a worm.

Garfield Logan had a bit of a tragic past as well, which only adds to his will to fight and become more powerful. This orphan joined the Teen Titans after his adoptive family sacrificed himself while battling the Brotherhood of Evil.

11 Weakest: Bumblebee

Kid Flash, Red Arrow, Bumblebee and Beast Boy in Teen Titans The Judas Contract

There seems to be a lot of characters in the Marvel and DC Universes that have powers, as well as names, reminiscent of insects. This is particularly true of wasps, bees, and hornets. Well, the Teen Titans have their very own resident Bumblebee: Karen Beecher.

Karen is basically a mirror-image of Marvel's Ant-Man.

Her shrinking abilities don't seem to be on the level of Ant-Man's and therefore she feels weak in comparison to her colleagues on the Teen Titans. The suit she wears is also solar-powered, which can be limiting. She may be DC's first superheroine of color, but she just doesn't cut it in terms of powers, which is a real shame.

10 Strongest: Raven

Titans Teagan Croft As Raven

Raven is the half-human daughter of the powerful extradimensional demon named Lord Trigon. Due to this, Raven is cursed with an array of incredible and unnatural mystical abilities. These abilities are wildly uncontrollable at times, which does cause conflict for the character and the rest of the Teen Titans. However, when controlled, the power that she wields can be the greatest asset the team has at their disposal.

Raven's mystical powers include astral projection, teleportation, telekinesis, and an amazing healing ability. At her most powerful, Raven was able to finish an entire army of demons all on her own. For these reasons and more, there's no doubt that Raven is one of the strongest members of the Teen Titans.

9 Weakest: Joker's Daughter

Being the supposed child of The Joker is like being the legitimate child of Batman; it's impossible to emerge from the large shadows cast by these iconic DC characters. When it comes to the Joker, you pretty much don't get a more famous villain.

Duela Dent may be a bit off her rocker, but she can't even compare to her supposed father's unhinged personality.

Duela Dent also may or may not be the Joker's legitimate heir. As for her powers? She has none. She is a talented acrobat, but aside from a few clown-themed gadgets, that's pretty much all there is to say about her. She almost certainly doesn't rank close to most of the weakest members of this Teen Titan's list.

8 Strongest: Connor Kent

It's utterly impossible to keep anyone remotely similar to Superman off of a list such as this one. After all, Superman is one of the most powerful and dynamic beings in the entire universe. Connor Kent, AKA Superboy or Kon-El, isn't far off. In fact, anyone with a remote connection to Krypton is basically meant for any "strongest character" lists.

Due to Connor's hybrid DNA, he wasn't granted all of the Kryptonian powers that we know Superman to have. Instead, he has a form of tactile telekinesis which allowed him to manifest the more traditional Kryptonian powers such as super-strength and freeze-breath.

7 Weakest: Young Frankenstein

Young Frankenstein shouldn't be confused with the famous and hilarious Mel Brooks film. This character is an actual member of the DC universe.

Aside from being a particularly disliked member of the Teen Titans, he's also one of the most utterly useless.

Just like the older and far superior version of the Frankenstein Monster, Young Frankenstein has enhanced strength and is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter. But that's it. He's merely a hulking brute who adds nothing to the Teen Titans team. What do you expect from a character who is simply a number of body parts stitched together in a lab? He almost certainly doesn't rank against skilled fighters like Robin or Roy Harper, nor could he hold his own against someone like Connor Kent.

6 Strongest: Wally West

How do you beat the "fastest man alive"? Well, you could argue that he isn't the "fastest man alive.. You could say that the original Flash, Barry Allen, is superior. But some would completely disagree with that even though Wally West followed in Barry's footsteps for most of his career.

What sets Wally apart from other characters in the DC Universe who have speed powers, is that he can never be cut off from the source of superhuman speed, the Speed Force. Wally is so fast that he can manipulate and actually freeze time. He can also run so fast that he can turn particles into nuclear warheads due to relativistic levels of acceleration. In short, this dude may be one of the most powerful characters in DC, let alone the Teen Titans.

5 Weakest: Jericho

Jericho DC

Even though this character is the son of one of the strongest villains in the DC Universe, Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke, Jericho just isn't all that powerful. Aside from not being a particularly engaging character, Jericho merely has the power to possess others.

His power can only be activated if he makes eye contact with his intended target.

On top of this, Jericho is a pacifist, in contrast to his father. This means that he is unlikely to use the full extent of his powers at any given time. He avoids violence. Though that may be a good trait in a human being, it's not when you're a superhero trying to protect the world from the forces of darkness.

4 Strongest: Donna Troy

Wonder Girl Young Justice

Although Donna Troy, AKA Wonder Girl, has a particularly unengaging origin story, she's actually an important member of the Teen Titans. A lot of writers seem to have recognized this as they have tried to remodel her on a number of occasions. This is why a lot of her backstory is particularly convoluted. As for her powers, well, they are akin to those of Wonder Woman.

Donna also hails from Themyscira and therefore has many of the same abilities as Diana Prince. Although she may not be as powerful as her older role model, she has superhuman strength, durability, and speed. Additionally, she is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, can mimic any voice she hears or knows, and wields the same weapons that have made Wonder Woman iconic.

3 Weakest: Gnarrk

This caveman, who is literally a displaced Neanderthal stranded in the present, is very strong but that's about it.

Sure, he does have some cool climbing skills as well as agility, but he has very limited intelligence.

This just makes him a brute, no better than half of the henchmen that the Teen Titans barrel through in order to get to the big, bad, boss on any given occasion. Gnarrk can be a human wrecking ball but that ranks pretty low on a list of characters who either have superhuman abilities granted to them by technology, magic, or an alien heritage. As well, it ranks particularly low against characters who are incredibly skilled martial artists, tacticians, and intellects.

2 Strongest: Nightwing

Dick Grayson as Nightwing

Being personally trained by Batman gives one many advantages in both the brain and brawn departments. Being the very first Robin sets Dick Grayson apart from both the Robins (Tim Drake and the like) who followed him and many of the other members of the Teen Titans.

Sure, Dick Grayson, even as Nightwing, doesn't have the incredible superhuman abilities of Connor Kent or Donna Troy, but he's an expert martial artist, engaging leader, talented acrobat, brilliant tactician, and pushed by rage and hurt from his childhood. Although Dick Grayson's time as Robin on the Teen Titans is the most famous, he became far more powerful as Nightwing. Nightwing basically represents Dick's evolution from Robin to a Batman-esque figure.

1 Weakest: Wonder Twins

Wonder Twins Marvel

The Wonder Twins are pretty much the most ridiculous superheroes in all of DC. Whether they're a part of the Justice League, The Super Friends, or the Teen Titans, this brother and sister team are pretty useless.. The same thing goes for their pet monkey, Gleek.

The Wonder Twins, Jayna and Zan, hail from the planet Exoor. When the two of them touch one another they can change into any form of water (which is highly limited) or any animal of their choosing.

Not only do they have to touch each other, but they also have to shout, "Wonder Twins powers, activate!"

If the pair is not anywhere near one another, these silly powers can't be activated. This means they simply need to be separated by a foot in order to render them useless.


Who do you think is the strongest or weakest member of the Teen Titans? Let us know in the comments!

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