10 Teen Titans Plotlines We Want To See In Titans

As is stands now, DC Universe’s Titans is a far cry from its animated counterpart Teen Titans. There are a huge amount of differences between the two, but obviously, the two are both based around the titular Titans superhero team. The Teen Titans animated franchise has the benefit of starting out with the team completely formed, with Titans showing the origin of the team. Today we’ll be taking a look at ten plotlines from Teen Titans that we’d like to see incorporated into Titans. Let’s get into it.

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10 Terra

The on-and-off Teen Titan that eventually ended up making the ultimate sacrifice to save her home and her friends, Terra needs to make an appearance in Titans. Terra was a recurring character in the Teen Titans series who was eventually revealed to be working for Slade whilst serving as a Teen Titan. When push came to shove, she eventually ended up choosing the Titans and sacrificed her life in order to make sure that the Titans and Jump City were saved from impending doom. Seeing how they shape Terra’s character and make me cry again in Titans would be a really cool thing for fans of the series to watch.

9 Slade

Slade Trigon Teen Titans

The ultimate antagonist of the entire Teen Titans series, Slade hasn’t actually yet made an appearance in Titans. The first season was much more focused on Raven’s story than anyone else (literally just horrible things happening to her episode after episode), thus it makes sense that Trigon would serve as the first season’s ultimate villain.

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Hopefully, season two introduces Slade in some form, as he was one of the major highlights of the animated series. His mysterious yet powerful demeanor as a constant threat made him a great villain for the series.

8 Blackfire

Starfire had some great arcs on the Teen Titans series. Remember that one time she turned into a cacoon and almost got eaten? That was fun. One of her most memorable arcs on the series was an early one when her sister Blackfire showed up on earth to frame her for a crime. You know, just sisterly things. While Blackfire’s character was interesting, she didn’t get much screentime. Seeing Blackfire in Titans would be very interesting, as they would likely take her character in a much darker direction than the animated show did.

7 Spellbound

The Teen Titans episode “Spellbound” would likely never make any form of appearance in Titans, but it would still be fantastic to see. A one-off episode, “Spellbound” sees Raven accidentally release a dragon that had been trapped in a book that she believed to be a kind sorcerer (lol oops). She was driven to do this due to her feelings of isolation from the other Titans, but by the end of the episode, Beast Boy manages to quell these feelings. While the story arc itself is interesting, the growth in Beast Boy and Raven’s relationship in the episode is a great moment as well.

6 The Hive Academy

The Hive students are one of the Titans’ most consistent set of enemies. Sure, they’re consistently trash, but consistency is consistency. The Titans primarily faced-off against Gizmo, Mammoth, and Jinx (who later became a Titan), who never managed to actually take down the superhero team. Still, their powers and personalities were always fun to watch in action, and a transition to Titans would definitely be a feasible jump for the team.

5 Winner Take All

Another one-off episode that likely couldn’t be incorporated into Titans but WE CAN DREAM, “Winner Take All”. This episode saw a championship fight occur between many of the male characters on the series, all being transported and made to fight by the Master of Games. What is actually occurring behind the scenes is him absorbing the losers powers, which is eventually discovered by Cyborg and Robin. The concept for the episode is incredibly cool, but would never really transfer to Titans properly.

4 Raven And Beast Boy’s Relationship

One thing that we are already seeing develop on Titans is the relationship between Raven and Beast Boy.

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The two always have a very close relationship in any medium they appear in, sometimes as close friends, other times as romantic. Either way, getting to see the two grow close is simply a cornerstone of any Titans related medium, and season two will likely see this relationship continue to grow.

3 Raven’s Mind

Titans Teagan Croft As Raven

Raven’s mind (and the swirl of catastrophes occurring inside of it) have already been somewhat explored in Titans, but getting to see an up-close view of it, such as in the Teen Titans episode “Nevermore” would be a real treat. In this episode, Cyborg and Beast Boy accidentally get trapped inside Raven’s mind, meeting all of her different personalities and Trigon in the process. The episode really delves into what makes Raven tick, and would fit perfectly into the Raven-centric Titans.

2 Titans East

Something that would happen far down the line in Titans, the Titans East group could certainly appear at some point in Titans. Helmed by Bumblebee, the team included superheroes Aqualad, Speedy, and Más y Menos. This second group of Titans often helped the Teen Titans in various missions and would be an interesting cast of characters to see included in Titans. Their varied powers were never utilized to their full potential during their original animated romp, so seeing them get a second go-around would really help the team be recognized by Teen Titans fans.

1 Titans Together

Another plotline that would occur far, far down the line, “Titans Together” saw what can only be described as a plethora of Titans banding together to finally take down the Brotherhood of Evil. Each and every honorary Titan was called upon to help take the villains down, and seeing that huge amount of Titans working together in live-action form would be nothing short of amazing. Obviously, this would take season upon season to finally build to, but nonetheless would be a great plotline to see occur in Titans.

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