Teen Titans: 8 Most Powerful (And 7 Most Worthless) Members, Ranked

Teen Titans

The Teen Titans are one of the most iconic superhero teams in comics. Without their success, groups like Young Justice, the Runaways, or Young Avengers never would have been established. While the Justice League may be the premiere group in the DC Universe, sometimes a few major threats slip by their radar.

The Teen Titans, despite being just a group of kids in high school, have saved the world on numerous occasions. No matter what gets in their way, the Titans always fight as a team and serve as a beacon for other young heroes to learn from.

Just like on any team, whether it's a professional sports crew or a class project, there are always individuals who pull everyone else down. Some of the people on the list have bad attitudes and constantly show the world that they don't really care about being a part of the team.

Don't get us wrong, the Titans are full of powerful heroes, but there's a fair number of duds as well. Regardless if they're strong or not though, they all deserve to be called heroes because they put their lives on the line to fight for others.

Without further ado, here are the 8 Most Powerful (And 7 Most Worthless) Teen Titans Members, Ranked!  

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Beast Boy
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15 Powerful: Beast Boy

Beast Boy

Garfield Logan is much more than the class clown of the Teen Titans. Throughout his long history with the team, he has grown from an inexperienced fighter to a bonafide leader in his own right. After contracting the rare disease known as sakutia while on a research expedition with his parents, Logan was injected with a serum that shifted his genealogy and left him with green skin. Before he settled on the name Beast Boy, Logan called himself Changeling, a not-so-subtle reference to his shape-shifting powers.

His ability to transform into any animal - or dinosaur - he can think of has saved the team multiple times. The strength of a gorilla is an obvious one to utilize on the battlefield, but he can also serve as a scouting raven for or plan last-minute escapes when he transforms into smaller creatures.

14 Worthless: Speedy

Roy Harper Speedy Arsenal Red Arrow

Arrows may be effective weapons in Game of Thrones, but when fighting someone with superpowers they're not always the most effective choice. Although, Roy Harper is a founding member of the Teen Titans, but he's nothing special. Instead of getting close to the action like Robin, Speedy constantly hangs back in the wings, shooting arrows at the problem.

Harper is constantly wavering between the good and dark side. Now he is more of a vigilante than anything else, but he has been a villain in the past who had no problem murdering someone to get his way. At one point, he even switched from the bow to a gun and went by the name Arsenal. Plus, Harper was hooked on heroin back in 1971, and there's nothing worse than a junkie, kids!

13 Powerful: Starfire

A princess from the planet Tamaran, Starfire has been on the run for most of her life. Her sister, a vindictive individual who has her eyes on the throne, is constantly trying to hunt her down. While fleeing her sister's forces, Starfire first crosses paths with the Teen Titans and together they are able to repel the alien threat. The Titans were lucky they found her because Starfire is a powerhouse fighter with a long list of special abilities.

Not only can she fly and generate energy blasts, but Starfire also has decelerated aging and an immunity to radiation. She's been on multiple iterations of the team and has no fear on the battlefield. While her teammates are busy coming up with plans, she is constantly bursting with energy, desperate to get out on the field and start helping people.

12 Worthless: Wonder Twins

Wonder Twins

"Wonder Twin powers, activate!"

That's right, everyone, the Wonder Twins became a part of the DC Universe for a bit during the late 2000s. The two didn't have their signature transformation abilities, instead they were just incredibly smart kids. They both graduated from M.I.T. at the age of 16 and took on caretaker positions at Titans Tower.

The twins pent six grueling months rebuilding Cyborg, making sure one of the team's powerhouse fighters would be able to hit the battlefield again. It was eventually revealed that their father was the Calculator, a genius who works as an intelligence provider for the super villain community.

Things changed for the twins when Wonder Dog, their trusty companion, revealed his true state. He transformed into a savage beast who attacked the Titans. His focus was on the Wonder Twins, and while Wendy was escape with just a few injuries, Marvin died at the hands of his own dog.

11 Powerful: Kid Flash

Wally West Kid Flash

Wally West is the real deal. Not only is he a founding member of the Teen Titans, but he's one of the few sidekicks in comics who graduated and took on the role of his former mentor.

As Kid Flash, Wally West helped the Teen Titans save the world multiple times. He can run at the speed of light, shift his physiology to vibrate through objects, and knows how to throw a punch, making him an effective fighter for the team. Thanks to his intense stamina and agility, West can fight multiple villains at once while simultaneously making sure all civilians in the immediate area are evacuated and safe.

After disappearing from the DC Universe during the New 52, Wally West has finally been brought back into the fold with DC Rebirth. Now the comedic speedster has a big role to play as DC's finest try to figure out what happened to their universe and they prepare to deal with the impending threat made by Doctor Manhattan.

10 Worthless: Hawk & Dove

Hawk and Dove

Hawk and Dove is a series of sibling superheroes who are gifted superpowers that allow them to take their warring philosophies to life. The concept was inspired by the divisive political climate in 1968 and spotlights what happens when people come together to fight common threats.

After speaking magic words, Hank and Don Hall are transformed into Hawk and Dove, superheroes with enhanced, speed and strength. As their names allude to, Hawk is more willing to fight while Dove tries to solve issues through reason and communication.

The most popular siblings may have been Hank and Don, but Holly and Dawn Granger have also taken on the mantles. Hawk and Dove are more important as symbols for cooperation with people that think differently from you than members of the Teen Titans.

9 Worthless: Jason Todd

Quite a few boys (and girls) have taken on the Robin mantle over the years, but Jason Todd might be the most worthless. Batman thought it would be a good idea to take the kid in after discovering him trying to steal tires from the Batmobile. He spent time on the team, but his rough personality never earned him many friends on the squad.

His inability to listen to instructions directly led to his death. Instead of heading Batman's warning and staying away from the Joker, his ego got in the way and he naively went to face off the Clown Prince of Crime alone.

Sure, he's come back in recent years as both a villain and a vigilante, but at the end of the day Todd is not a team player. He's a selfish person who has no problem killing people to get his way. The only thing that tethers him to the real world is his begrudging respect and admiration for everyone else in the Bat-family.

8 Powerful: Dick Grayson

Nightwing DC Comics

Jason Todd may be worthless, but he's no Dick Grayson. The two of them are powerless and rely primarily on their acrobatic abilities to survive, but there's something about Grayson that separates him from all the Robins that have come after him. His easy-going attitude, even when taking down high-level threats like Deathstroke, shows that he is extremely confident in his abilities.

Grayson is such a rough fighter that he is the only one who accompanies Superboy during Infinite Crisis to stop Superboy Prime and Alexander Luthor from destroying the planet.

He's more than just a strong fighter, though; he's an inspiration. While Batman is the dark, brooding core of the Justice League, Nightwing is the heart of the Teen Titans. He was the team's first leader and he frequently comes back to guide the next generations of heroes. Even when things are hairy for the team, Nightwing is there to calm everyone down and remind his fellow Titans that they can accomplish anything when they work together.

7 Worthless: Gnarrk

Gnarrk Teen Titans

On a team filled with aliens and speedsters, Gnarrk doesn't stand out. A time-displaced neanderthal, Gnarrk was a member of various Titans teams in the '70s. He has supposed superhuman strength, but his small intellect limits how effective he is on the battlefield.

Even though his destructive potential is extremely small in comparison, Gnarrk, like the Hulk, usually has to be nudged in the right direction. His biggest asset is likely his impressive climbing ability that he can use to save citizens during emergency situations.

Despite all his flaws, he and Lillith - another Titan from the early '70s - developed a relationship that lasted until the character's death in the 80s. He made a brief appearance in the New 52, but it doesn't seem that DC has any plans for Gnarrk in the near future.

6 Powerful: Cyborg

Justice League Movie Cyborg

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum from a caveman is Victor Stone, the Cyborg. After an almost lethal accident, Stone was embedded with various technological advancements to save his life. As a result, now Victor is essentially a living computer, capable of operating Titans Tower from his mind or projecting incredibly powerful energy blasts. Cyborg is constantly upgrading himself, making sure he has whatever equipment he needs to take on the next threat.

Since the New 52, Cyborg's place on the Teen Titans has been replaced with a founding role in the Justice League. Even though he's going to hit the big screen as a member of the Justice League, his leadership role in the Titans can't be overlooked. Not only did he serve on a team under Nightwing, but he came back years later to establish and lead a new team that included Tim Drake and Superboy.

Fortunately, Teen Titans Go! gives fans of the character an opportunity to see him hang out and eat pizza with his best friend, Beast Boy.

5 Worthless: Pantha

Pantha Teen Titans

Pantha, another creation from legendary Teen Titans author Marv Wolfman, has a shady origin. She constantly alienated herself from the team and was even hostile at certain times. Her strength and claws were definitely assets on the battlefield, but no one on the team was inspired to fight by her side or keep her around when she wanted to leave.

She was also referred to as X-24, an alias that is eerily similar to the designation given to individuals who survived the Weapon X program in Marvel Comics. While it's known that the Wildebeest Society performed experiments on her, the significance of the code-name or full extent of her time in the lab were never revealed to audiences.

After being killed by Superboy Prime during his war against the Titans in Infinity Crisis, and briefly being reanimated in Blackest Night, Pantha has yet to return to the DC Universe.

4 Poweful: Wonder Girl

Wonder Girl Teen Titans

There have been two Wonder Girls to grace the Teen Titans' roster and they are both extremely powerful, confident fighters.

Donna Troy has had multiple origins, at different times being Wonder Woman's twin or even just a normal orphan raised on Paradise Island. Through it all though, she is a founding member of the Teen Titans. She has all the abilities of Wonder Woman and can mimic any voice she hears, helping the Titans gain access to secret locations. She's one of the few characters in DC to have knowledge of the multiverse and to remember different parts of her life.

Cassie Sandsmark is a demigoddess who just happens to be the daughter of Zeus and an archaeologist. Like Donna before her, she has superhuman strength and is a skilled combatant, but she has her own mystical lasso that she uses on the battlefield. She's willing to do anything for her teammates and has proved herself a skilled leader over the years.

3 Worthless: Bumblebee

Ant-Man is the lamest Avenger, so it makes sense that Bumblebee is such a lame Titan. She first became a member of the team after disguising herself as a villain and attacking the team to try to make her boyfriend, the Herald, look good. Despite the fact that she immediately established herself as a liar, the Titans offered her a spot on the team.

Karen Beecher, the first formal African-American female superhero in DC Comics, utilizes a solar powered suit to shrink down to the size of an insect. With the help of mechanical wings, she can fly around and zip into tight situations.

Unlike Ant-Man or the Atom, Bumblee can't shrink down to a sub-atomic level, meaning she can usually be seen if she is hovering right in front of someone's face. If she's not noticed, her suit gives her the ability to electrically sting people or shoot sonic blasts.

2 Powerful: Raven

Raven Teen Titans

The daughter of Trigon, a powerful demon, and a human mother, Raven is a skilled sorcerer. In addition to teleportation abilities, she can project an "astral-self" that can fight enemies for her and help her acquire information from far away sources. She helps the team set up mental communication systems on the field and can heal people in the middle of a battle.

She grew up in another dimension called Azarath and was taught that she had to keep her emotions in check. As a result, her trademark quality is a reserved quietness that makes her come across as extremely wise as she constantly observes her surroundings and takes in information. After being rejected by the Justice League for help fighting her father, Raven formed the New Teen Titans, bringing together a group of heroes who would save the world numerous times.

1 Powerful: Superboy

Superman is the most powerful member of the Justice League, so it makes sense that a clone of him and Lex Luthor would be the most powerful Lex Luthor. Instead of adhering to superhero norms, Conner Kent decides to fight in a t-shirt and blue jeans, proving that glasses are truly a godsend when it comes to disguising someone's face.

After serving on Young Justice for years, Conner came onto the Teen Titans with his best friend Tim Drake and girlfriend Cassie Sandsmark. He's a powerful kid who, like every other teenager, is constantly trying to figure out who he is and what path he should take in life.

Superboy has one ability that Superman doesn't. In addition to super strength and heat vision, Conner has limited tactical telekinesis and can lift things with his mind. In Infinite Crisis, he uses his ability to save the world when he brings down Alexander Luthor's tower. He's a fighter, a lover and a hero who the Teen Titans memorialized for years after his death.


Who do you think is the most powerful Teen Titans member? Hit the comment section and share your thoughts!

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