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For a decade and a half, Greg Cipes, Scott Meville, and Hynden Walch have voiced members of television’s favorite superhero team, the Teen Titans.  Greg Cipes is as laid back as Beast Boy. Hynden Walch is as bubbly as Starfire. And like Robin, Scott Menville tries to keep everything moving along.  Now, they are bringing their characters and talents to the big screen in Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, now playing in theaters.

Screen Rant: Guys, first and foremost, you guys killed it in this movie. Knocked it out of the park.

Greg Cipes: Joe know!

Screen Rant: I know. Joe know.

Scott Menville: Screen Rant’s on a good rant already.

Screen Rant: There you go. But let's give credit where credit's due. The writing in this film is amazing.

Hynden Walch: He who created the writing, Michael Jelenic. Woo! Woo!

Greg Cipes: The music.  Peter, everybody, Aaron.

Screen Rant: The writing. It's not afraid to poke fun at itself, at its other properties in the franchises, and other studios. Were you surprised when you got the script and started reading through it? You're like, wow, this is…

Scott Menville: I was not surprised at all. Because our show, Teen Titans Go, is the same way. And it's the same writers that write our show. And they're the first to poke fun at us and poke fun at themselves. They're the first to see criticisms and say, okay, let's make an episode about that criticism. So, it's right on par with everything the show is. And our writers are mad scientist geniuses.

Hynden Walch: Absolutely. They're appealing to people of every age at the same time. Whether you're six or sixty, it's funny for everybody.

Greg Cipes: That's right, bro.

Screen Rant: I love the Teen Titans Go rap. Now, was that, who wrote that? Was that by Lil Yachty? I know he was in the film, he’s the Green Lantern. But who wrote that? That was amazing.

Hynden Walch: Wasn’t that Pete? I thought that was Pete.

Scott Menville: That’s a great question.  That might have been Pete.  One of our producers, Pete.

Screen Rant: Really?

Scott Menville: Yeah.

Hynden Walch: He does the music for the series.

Screen Rant: Now, he’s going to do the music for Lil Yachty too, watch.

Hynden Walch: Oh, I love that.

Screen Rant: Do you guys remember any part of your rap at all?

Hynden Walch: Oh, yeah.

Scott Menville: Yeah.

Cast [chants]: Teen, Teen Titans. The Titans, Teen, Titans. Teen, Teen Titans. The Titans, Teen, Titans.

Screen Rant: Very good.

Scott Menville: And it goes on from there.

Greg Cipes: Yeah, but that wasn’t very good.  That wasn’t the rap. I mean that's that hook.

Scott Menville [raps]: T, double-E, N, T-I-T-A-N-S, we are the real heroes taking down the cool menace! Maybe I got to work on--

Greg Cipes [sings] I can turn into any animal!

Scott Menville: [LAUGHS]

Greg Cipes: That’s the only part I remember. I can turn into any animal!

Screen Rant: What's the difference when shooting this film and shooting the actual show. Because I'm assuming that this is a longer process. But, as I heard, that you guys were doing the show at the same time as well.

Greg Cipes: There's a lot more makeup for this movie. A lot more make-up in the chair. Getting green…

Hynden Walch: [LAUGHS] Getting green…

Greg Cipes: Longer hours, early call times.

Hynden Walch: We really—

Scott Menville: Beast Boy wouldn't come out of his trailer. Production ground to a halt.

Hynden Walch: There were a few more sessions for the movie. And we weren't always recording together, which we always record the TV show together. And there were different versions of the script that we would either see or not see. And or record never having seen it. It would happen sometimes.

Scott Menville: We did initially record one pass of the whole movie together. And then came back for individual sessions.

Screen Rant: This movie's jam packed with Easter eggs. If you blink an eye, you're going to catch something. What was your favorite Easter egg in this film?

Hynden Walch: Are we allowed to say?

Scott Menville: I don’t know.

Hynden Walch: Are we allowed to say?

Greg Cipes: The whole movie’s a big Easter egg.  That’s for sure.

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies Jade Wilson Directs Superman and Batman

Screen Rant: It is.

Greg Cipes: I don’t know if it’s an Easter egg, but my favorite one… are we allowed to say?  What’s your favorite one?

Hynden Walch: Yeah.

Greg Cipes: Let him say, let him get in trouble.

Screen Rant: Well, I pictured. Yeah, let me get in trouble for it, right?

Cast: [LAUGHS]

Screen Rant: I pictured a Superman with a mustache.

Hynden Walch: Nice.

Greg Cipes: Nicolas Cage plays Superman.

Screen Rant: And that's great too.

Scott Menville: That is good.

Screen Rant: Because Superman Lives was a little deep cut.

Hynden Walch: As Starfire would say, the Nicolas in the Cage was most enchanting as the Superman.

Scott Menville: It is jampacked full of Easter eggs.

Screen Rant: Now, you guys have heard my voice. Who would I be if I were a Teen Titan? To be a fill-in or a DC superhero.

Hynden Walch: Who would you like to be?

Greg Cipes: Let me here you say, booyah.

Screen Rant: Boo-YAH!

Hynden Walch: Oh.

Greg Cipes: Come on Cyborg.

Screen Rant: Would I be a good Cyborg?

Scott Menville: Let me hear you do a Raven whatever.

Screen Rant: Whatever.

Hynden Walch: Oh, that’s good too.

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies Raven With Dawn of Justice Parody Poster

Screen Rant: I can be Raven too.

Hynden Walch: How about, hello, wonderful friends!

Screen Rant: Hello, wonderful friends!

Greg Cipes: Now, let me hear--

Hynden Walch: Well, your calibers not quite where--

Greg Cipes: He’s got a lot of work.

Hynden Walch: [LAUGHS]

Greg Cipes: Now let me hear, that’s wazzup!

Screen Rant: That’s what’s up!

Scott Menville: Alright.

Greg Cipes: Actually. Don’t take my job!

Cast: [LAUGHS]

Screen Rant: Guys--

Scott Menville: Now, hold on.  You ain’t done man.

Greg Cipes: No, he’s done. Get out.

Scott Menville: Until we hear a good, Titans go!

Screen Rant: Titans, go!

Hynden Walch: Oh, nice.

Greg Cipes: To the movies!

Screen Rant: To the movies! Guys, thank you so much. Amazing film. Amazing job. This was wonderful. Thank you, guys, so much.

Hynden Walch: Thank you, so much.

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