Stan Lee Has a Cameo in DC's Teen Titans Go! Movie

Marvel's Stan Lee actually makes an unexpected cameo in DC Entertainment's Teen Titans Go! To The Movies. The world premiere of the animated film was on Friday night at SDCC 2018, and viewers were delighted at the unexpected cameo.

Stan Lee cameos have become a hallmark of Marvel movies. The tradition runs back to the original comics, where Lee would frequently be drawn into panels by artists as a bit of a joke. Over the years, he's appeared in countless cartoons, TV shows, and movies. He's lent sage advice to Spider-Man, watched in horror as Apocalypse threatened the end of the world, and regaled the Watchers with his cosmic tales. And now, he's moved onto the next stage: DC movies.

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According to Variety, Lee pops up in Teen Titans Go! To The Movies to declare, "This is Stan Lee — dig my subtle cameo! This is a DC movie? I gotta get outta here!" Near the movie's end, he throws caution to the wind and returns to the film. This is only the second time Lee has ever appeared in an animated movie, the first being Disney's Big Hero 6.

The reality is that Lee's name isn't just associated with Marvel; he's a symbol of the entire superhero genre to general audiences. Therefore, it's very much appropriate for Lee to make a cameo, and this is one of the most entertainingly self-aware to date. It also fits perfectly with the movie's tone and style, which is being praised as a mixture of Deadpool's fourth-wall-breaking snark and a more child-friendly, albeit mocking, approach. Teen Titans Go! To The Movies rejoices in its self-awareness, and this has even affected the film's casting decisions. This, after all, is the film that cast Nicolas Cage as the voice of Superman.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 suggested that all the cameos may really be the same being, a mysterious Watcher's informant who transcends time and space, traveling through the Multiverse in order to collect the best stories to tell the alien Watchers. That raises the humorous possibility that this Watcher's Informant actually traveled into the Teen Titans Go! universe, and thus that DC characters are officially part of the wider Marvel Multiverse. Superhero fans shouldn't expect this to be the beginning of a new habit by Lee, though. He had a cameo in Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, but Lee is highly unlikely to start appearing in any of DC's live-action movies.

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Source: Variety

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