Teen Titans Go! To The Movies Gets a Poster; Trailer Tomorrow

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies gets a poster and a funny video announcing tomorrow's trailer debut. While Aquaman will be the only live-action DC movie next year, fans will still have plenty to fill their time with. Most notably, DC will be releasing a whole slew of animated films in 2018, adapting some of their biggest characters and storylines. Darker stories will bring Gotham By Gaslight and Death of Superman to life, while Scooby Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold and LEGO DC Heroes: The Flash will give younger audiences plenty to enjoy.

2018 will also be a big year for the Teen Titans. DC's digital streaming service will launch with the long-in-development Titans that will introduce live-action takes on many popular DC heroes for the first time. Meanwhile, Teen Titans GO! is getting a movie that will land in theaters this summer. The popular animated series has benefitted from its hyperactive 15 minutes runtime, so the move to a feature-length film could be tricky. However, the first round of marketing for the film proves the series' sense of humor will remain intact.

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DC Entertainment has released a new video teasing the Teen Titans Go! To The Movies trailer that will debut tomorrow. In the short clip, Robin announces the surprise only to grow frustrated when it's revealed to be a tease for a trailer. In doing so, he sends up the current marketing method for blockbuster films. Alongside the trailer announcement, a new poster for the movie has been release, and it too pokes fun at current Hollywood poster marketing trends.

On top of all the Teen Titans content coming in 2018, Young Justice season 3 will arrive later this year and bring back many of the young heroes from the Titans pantheon. Like Teen Titans, the show was one with a huge fan base who were disappointed when the series wasn't renewed. With DC's digital service reviving the show (and picking up Titans), however, maybe a Teen Titans return is in the cards.

While fans were disappointed when the original Teen Titans series went off the air, Teen Titans GO! has been an enjoyable follow-up. What's more, the Titans have appeared in two DC Animated Movies in recent years and Titans the series already looks to be a worthy adaptation. We've already seen the live-action Robin's costume, and it's clear the show is pulling out all the stops. Here is to hoping that the Teen Titans Go! movie follows suit, in that respect.

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